Sole Story

Summer Gaze

Given that his style seems to lean effortlessly towards that mellow and insouciant vibe most commonly found wrapped around the cool kids of Southern California, it’s surprising to learn that Landon McGregor of Fashion Goggled hails, in fact, from Atlanta and currently resides in Brooklyn.

Origins and present headquarters aside, Landon’s style is marked by his inclination towards well-loved denim, statement sunglasses and prints--including but not limited to painterly florals, pastel stripes and Technicolor tribal patterns. Landon also gets a competitive edge in the vintage department working as a creative and digital consultant for the well-known and beloved New York vintage store What Goes Around Comes Around. In turn, Landon expertly mixes contemporary designers and vintage finds all while maintaining that incredibly effortless, laissez-faire air.

In this street style look, Landon taps the lush setting of Maine with the natural fabrics and earth-tones of the Vince Camuto Men's Hacking Pocket Shirt. The all-denim ensemble is cool enough for the last summery days while still seasonally appropriate as everyone's attention turn towards the upcoming autumn weather. True to form, Landon brings laid back style to the forefront of fashion.