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Blogger Sydne Summer of Sydne Style’s street style shuttles between the two opposites coasts’ aesthetics: the tony east coast and the bohemian west coast.

Donning sweeping flared jeans one day and a ladylike pencil skirt the next, Sydne’s style versatility is best demonstrated by her talent for incorporating statement pieces seamlessly into her wardrobe. To help her readers maximize their own wardrobe, Sydne will post three different outfits featuring the same key piece in a row to demonstrate how to reinterpret pieces across different outfits, looks and occasions.

To further guide her devotees, Sydne hosts her own video series, “A-Z Trend Guide” Going A-Athletic to Z-Zazzy Metallics, Sydne offers her best style tips and advice on how to sport hard-to-match colors and prints and master tricky seasonal trends.

Read on for our interview with Sydne as she discusses her latest video series, her all-time favorite piece of style advice and the touching gift her mother gave her on her 21st birthday.

VC: Now that you’ve reached the end of your spring/summer 2014 series, which was your favorite letter-video to shoot in your “A-Z Trend Guide” this season?SS: That's a tough one! While I love all the trends I think my favorite to shoot was V [Voluminous Skirts]. There's just something so feminine about a voluminous skirt. Whenever I put one on I feel just like Carrie Bradshaw in the opening credits of Sex and the City.

We love all the different ways you style and re-style statement pieces (like a sequined skirt or polka dot blouse) that can often feel too bold or memorable to wear frequently. What are your style tips for keeping those eye-catching pieces fresh and feeling like new? I like to pair bold pieces with more classic staples. For example, I'll wear a loud, printed skirt with a basic white button down. Or I'll contrast a shiny sequin top with casual boyfriend jeans. Layers are also key to re-working statement pieces of clothing. A vest and jacket tones down a look while a bold necklace plays it up.

What are the benefits of video-blogging versus posting street-style images or written-blog posts? Are there any drawbacks? What's so cool about video is you can actually have a conversation with your viewers. While pictures definitely get the point across, there's something about seeing the way a fabric moves and watching how a person puts an outfit together that provides an elevated style experience.

Because home décor has become an extension of your personal style, which room in your home is your favorite?My bedroom. It's all white with crystals and a painting I did myself of my favorite sculpture The Kiss. Since it has a neutral backdrop, I can decorate with my accessories. Who needs decorative objects when you can put cuffs on candleholders? It's functional decor.

What is the best fashion advice you’ve ever received? Not every trend looks good on everyone. Stick with what works for your body.

You have such an impressive wardrobe but what is your absolute favorite item in your closet? Jewelry box? My favorite item is my Manolo Blahnik sandals I bought with my first paycheck. It was such a good feeling to be able to buy designer shoes for myself and every time I slip them on, I remember how excited I was when I bought them. For jewelry, it's a necklace my mom custom-made for me on my 21st birthday. My father passed away when I was younger so she used the stone from her old engagement ring so he could be close with me on my milestone birthday. I only bring it out for special occasions.