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A Quirk Study


One of the first fashion bloggers, Jessica Quirk has been a part of the online community since she began diarizing her outfits in 2007 while still working as a fashion designer.

In 2008, Jessica officially launched What I Wore and now, logging over one million monthly page views, dedicates her time exclusively to her fashion blogging. As if her triumphs in the digital world weren’t impressive enough, Jessica is also the author of What I Wore: Four Seasons, One Closet, Endless Recipes for Personal Style, a self-described “cookbook for your closet” to help you dress for any occasion and how to pepper in investment pieces, trendy items and personal flair into every look.

Jessica’s personal style mixes preppy basics with bohemian silhouettes and trendy flourishes like a leopard print coat and floppy hat with a striped shirt, a nude moto-jacket with Ikat pants or a retro-inspired dress in a beautiful floral print. Although Jessica has lately been focusing on her maternity style (the expectant mother is now in her third trimester), she hasn’t lost the zeal of her everyday style. Jessica sits down with us to discuss her rules for style and what you should never leave the house without!

VC: What is your personal “rule” for dressing office-appropriate but still showing off your personality?JQ: Appropriate work wear always starts with fit. Wearing things that are too loose or too tight reads as sloppy-- a trait no one wants to be known for in the office! How much you express your personality through clothing really depends on the type of environment you work in. Color, accessories or jewelry should enhance, not detract, from your overall look and more than anything give the impression that you are capable and good at your job. Wear the clothes, don't let the clothes wear you!

If you could only wear one outfit for a month, what would you wear? Do I get to switch around accessories? If that's the case, give me a knit black dress with an interesting and flattering cut and I'm golden!

How did your book idea come to fruition? The basic concept of What I Wore (the book) is that it's a cook book for your closet. I'm not especially gifted in the kitchen but that doesn't mean I can't follow a recipe and create a delicious meal. I think that same concept applies to getting dressed. There isn't a woman in the world who hasn't at least once in her life wondered what to wear on a given occasion. I feel like that daily! A little planning can take you a long way and that what I hope I inspire women to strive for with their own wardrobes. Everyone deserves to look and feel her best.

What is the best “insider” fashion tip—either one you’ve received or doled out? What is the first fashion tip you’re going to pass onto your child? The best advice I've ever received regarding my appearance is that you're never fully dressed without a smile-- something my mom taught me. You don't have to have expensive clothes or the perfect outfit to radiate!

How has your personal style transitioned with your pregnancy? Are there any marked differences in how you dressed before versus now? I'd like to think I still look like myself but my favorite silhouettes have been packed away until fall-- namely a nipped in waistline! I miss my fit-and-flare style dresses and high-waisted jeans!

What has been the biggest challenge in writing your blog? With respect to your blog, what has been your greatest reward or achievement, a moment where you felt especially proud of, “What I Wore”? I'm really proud of building a solid business all while doing something I enjoy. That said, even if I'm giving advice or sharing trends, it's still all about me, and sometimes I feel more private and don't want to share or put myself out there. The internet can be a wonderful, loving place but it can also be anonymous and cruel. I've learned to find the balance in the interaction with my readers (and cherish the kind, awesome emails, comments and notes I receive).