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Quiz: What is Your Beach Bag Style Personality?

A, B, or C? Answer these questions to reveal your beach bag style personality!

Who would you say your style icon is? A. Liz Taylor, she is the definition of glam. B. Vanessa Hudgens, her Coachella outfits are out of this world. C. Rihanna, she pushes all the boundaries! D. Gwyneth Paltrow, her style is simple but incredibly chic.

When leaving the house what can’t you leave without? A. Lipstick and sunglasses, there is no better way to look dramatically fabulous! B. Your favorite fringe bag, it’s your fashion staple C. Your super cool cropped leather jacket D. Your wedge sneakers, a sneaker and heel need I say more?

What would your dream vacation be? A. Shopping on the Champs-Élysées in Paris. B. Relaxing on a beach in Bali. C. Roaming the streets of Amsterdam. D. Surfing the waves of Honolulu.

The last movie you saw was… A. A rom-com with your two favorite actors in it. B. Wes Anderson’s latest indie film. C. A horror movie, gives you chilling goosebumps every time! D. An action adventure movie, you love the thrill.

Your go-to manicure polish is… A. Light pink, you can’t go wrong with a classic. B. A nice deep burgundy with a gold painted ring finger. C. Fiery red pointed nail tips, fierce! D. A simple buff and shine that won’t chip when you’re on the go.

You can’t start your morning without...  A. A non-fat vanilla latte, how else would I start my day? B. A soothing cup of herbal tea. C. A quick energy shot to get you going fast! D. A protein shake to prep you for your morning workout.

You’re going to the beach and the first items you pack in your beach bag are: A. An animal print bikini, over-sized sunglasses and a floppy hat. B. A bandeau fringe bikini with torn denim shorts and cropped crochet top. C. A daring cut-out mono-kini with some killer shades! D. A cute bright sporty one-piece with some mirrored lensed sunglasses.


If you got mostly A’s, you’re a Golden Glamazon. You are anything but ordinary. You make a statement wherever you are much like this Vince Camuto Jill Satchel bag in safari python. Whether it’s at the beach or out on the town, your glamorous yet fun personality best complements this bag… and vice versa!

If you got mostly B’s, you’re a Bohemian Beach-Goer.  Your relaxed attitude and carefree nature allow you to be a free spirited person. Because of your bohemian style music festivals are your place to be over the summer. But when going to the beach the Vince Camuto Mandy tote (coming soon) best embodies your super relaxed personality.

If you got mostly C’s, you’re a Dauntless Diver. Daring is your middle name. You are known for being unafraid to embrace the latest style trends and are always the first of your friends to know about the latest It-anything, be it underground rock band or must-try bistro. Come beach day, your fierce persona pairs perfectly with the Vince Camuto Skye Hobo Bag.

If you got mostly D’s, you’re Sporty on the Sands.  You are always up and going no matter where you are. Being active is a part of your nature and you love including it in your style. Not one to idle in the sun, you love surfing the waves or playing beach volleyball when you head to the water. Pack all your beach day essentials in the Vince Camuto Cris Backpack.