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Drawing Interest


Based upon her fashion illustrations, you’d never know that Dallas Shaw got her start working for Disney, sketching the lovably mischievous alien Stitch of Lilo & Stitch. Unlike the animated world, Dallas’s water-color illustrations today are infused with a feminine appeal and ethereal whimsy. Commissioned by some of the industry’s biggest fashion houses, Dallas’s careful hand has turned out fashionista figurines in impressive gowns and towering gowns in iconic cityscapes.

Dallas joined Vince and Louise Camuto in our Garden State Plaza store for a cocktail hour leading up to Giuliana Rancic’s Fab-U-Wish charity runway show. As she sketched her favorite Vince Camuto summer styles, we chatted about how she takes her coffee, redecorating her studio and her experience taking her work to the next level.

Where is your go-to place for art supplies? Dallas Shaw: I have a crazy schedule so I always shop for supplies online. I go to when I’m in a pinch.

What is your favorite subject to illustrate? I love drawing shoes, but pretty much anything fashion-based is really easy and inspiring to draw.

For the readers who aspire to be like you, what has been the biggest challenge in translating your talent and aesthetic into a business? I’m a fashion illustrator and tastemaker so my job is made up of a lot of different elements so the hardest thing is connecting all of the dots for people and trying to explain what we do (which is a lot!).

What has been your greatest reward or that “ah-ha” moment where you felt particularly accomplished? This year’s Glossybox collaboration was really fun because I got to incorporate my artwork, choose and share my beauty favorites, and wear my favorite designers for the shoot all at once—it was like hitting the trifecta.

If there was one tip that summarizes your outlook on style, what would it be? Don’t follow rules. Wear what you want to wear. Have fun. Mix things up.

Your studio space seems like the most relaxing place to work. What was the decorating process like? We actually designed the space for a photo shoot, so it was all at once it 2 days. I would advise people to do it all at once if they can since they can always add smaller pieces as they.

Rapid fire round, favorite place for coffee? Any mom and pop diner, I would rather sit and sip.

Favorite place for a cocktail?The Smith in NYC

Favorite Meal? I’m Italian so definitely lasagna

What are you currently reading?The Beautiful and the Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald

All-time favorite book?The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

All-time favorite movie? I’ve watched The Social Network more times than I care to admit

Workplace soundtrack? We’re big rap fans in the office. Unless I’m on a deadline and then it’s more mellow.

Workout soundtrack? Beyoncé. Duh.

Dallas wears (from head to toe): Vince Camuto Small Corded Collar Necklace; Vince Camuto Classic Maya Horn Necklace; Vince Camuto Fresco Dot Romper