Sole Story

Splash Zone

Formerly an after-thought, bathing suit cover-ups are upgrading from your worn out t-shirt and cut-off jeans and enjoying a real style moment in the sun.

Cover-ups offer a lot of style oomph and little propriety during those moments when a bathing suit alone feels too skimpy (think: when you’re walking from your car to the beach sand or heading to the pool’s concession stand). Moreover, these breezy dresses and sporty hoodies can up your style cred by becoming a key part of your outfit both near and away from the water.

Vince Camuto college brand ambassador and veritable California girl Megan Thomas knows the importance of a summer wardrobe that can go from the pool deck to decked out on the town, “I love topping off my summer style with a Vince Camuto cover up that allows for a day of lounging in the sun to a sophisticated night out with friends.”

To meet up with friends, Megan can slip on a pair of Two By Vince Camuto Floral Lace Shorts underneath her Vince Camuto Shirt Tail Cover Up Dress for a complete ensemble. Topped with her Vince Camuto Metal Accent Floppy Hat, it’s a sweet boho-vibe to carry her right from the pool to a summer party. Layered over a maxi skirt or dress with her one-piece suit, Megan’s Vince Camuto Hoodie Cover Up (top) gets a sporty and urban edge for a casual post-pool dinner.

Summer is all about letting your long days roll into warm nights without any concrete plans for what comes next. Equip yourself with a stylish beach cover-up and you’ll be ready for anything that rolls your way!


Photography by Stephanie Loo.