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Sandal Style Personality Quiz

A, B, or C? Answer these questions and reveal your sandal style personality!

What movie will you watch on TV anytime it airs? A. Cruel Intentions, it’s just too juicy to ever resist. B. The Life Aquatic, Wes Anderson is your spirit animal. C. Roman Holiday, Audrey Hepburn’s big-screen debut and its swirling romance makes you swoon. D. Welcome to the Dollhouse, a dark comedy that leaves you rolling on the floor every time.

What was the last live music event you went to? A. Beyonce. It’s all about Queen B. B. Coachella. The music filled dessert air was the highlight of your summer. C. The New York Philharmonic. D. Lorde. Anyone who can wear dark purple lipstick like she does is good in your book.

What style bathing suit will you be donning seaside this summer? A. A one-piece with daring cut-out sides. B. A bikini with a fringed top. C. A 50s-inspired two-piece with high-waisted bottoms. D. A sporty bikini with a racer back in black.

What decade do you identify with the most? A. Roaring 20s. You love a stiff cocktail and dancing the night away. B. The 60s. Woodstock would have absolutely been your scene. C. The Prim 50s. You yearn for a time where jackets always matched your dress, hat and gloves. D. The Seattle-Loving 90s. The Grunge scene beckons you to join the mosh-pit.

Which blogger do you have bookmarked? A. Gawker. Their cheeky celebrity reportage is your favorite lunch break read. B. SFGirlByBay. You worship this flea market queen. C. Atlantic-Pacific. Blair’s style has a modern femininity with a retro-vibe. D. It is the place to find new music.

What beauty essential are you constantly re-stocking? A. Red lipstick. Day or night, it gives your outfit some oomph! B. Bronzer. You’re all about the year-round sun-kissed look. C. Face moisturizer. Your hydrated skin helps you master the no-makeup makeup look. D. Kohl eyeliner pencil, it gives you that perfect overslept-rocker look.

What is your favorite dessert? A. Currently, the latest It-dessert: the Waffogato. B. A fruit tart with cream, even better when it’s fresh from the Farmer’s Market. C. A pistachio macaron, you can never resist a Parisian sweet treat. D. Chocolate volcano cake. You love the dangerous name almost as much as the dessert itself.


Mostly A’s – You’re a Saucy Stiletto. Whether it’s a swipe of your new ruby red lipstick or a daring cut-out bathing suit, a little bit of drama never hurt anyone—it’s what makes the day fun! The Vince Camuto Fontanela high heel sandal is just the alluring statement-heel your summer wardrobe needs.

Mostly B’s – You’re a Wandering Wedge. Because of your wanderlust and bohemian spirit, your summer social calendar is packed with outdoor adventures: road trips, farmer’s markets and music festivals. Your sweeping maxi dresses need some extra height and found their mate in the Vince Camuto Windini wedge.

Mostly C’s – You’re a Flat-Out Classic. An old-soul romantic, you pine for a forgotten era and have a deep appreciation for the classics be they in the fine and performing arts or personal style. Eschew trendy styles (which are never really your “thing”) in favor of the clean-lines on the Vince Camuto Winca wedge.

Mostly D’s – You’re a Hardware Heavy-Hitter. You like your style with a little bite in the form of studs and exposed zippers. With bold metal panels and chunky straps, these Vince Camuto Joslyn sandals have that added edge you love.