Sole Story

Beach Day Beauty

Q: I’m so excited to spend my summer on the beach but my skin and hair always look dry and splotchy on and after the sand. Any beauty tips?

A: The same things that make the beach so wonderfully alluring—the sun on your face, the sand under your feet, the surf in your hair-- are the same features that make it a beauty pitfall—the sun burning your face, the sand drying your skin, the surf tangling your hair. To keep yourself from looking like a ship wreck, follow these sea goddess-worthy makeup and hair tips.

The beach’s harsh direct sunlight is a double beauty whammy: hitting your face with harmful and aging UVA and UVB rays and exposing your foundation-free complexion. Even if your foundation has SPF in it, the amount of foundation you would apply on average is not enough to effectively protect your skin against the sun’s rays. To safeguard your skin, apply a broad spectrum sunscreen to your face and then layer a mineral foundation on top. A mineral foundation like bareMINERALS Ready Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20) will add a layer of sun protection.

Wax-based eye makeup and eyeliners are crucial for days on the beach—especially if you’re planning on taking a dip. The wax formula will wick away water, keeping your makeup application intact. Waterproof mascara is another must and we love Maybelline New York’s Great Lash Waterproof Mascara.

For your lips, never wear gloss to the beach. The reflective gloss is the equivalent of slathering tanning oil on your body; it offers no sun protection and it actually attracts sun rays which can burn and chap your lips. A tinted lip stain or balm with SPF is much better option.

Although salt water is great for detoxifying your skin, it dehydrates your hair leaving it dry and brittle. Soften and protect your locks by spritzing with a leave-in conditioner throughout the day. Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave-In Conditioner is our favorite because its lightweight formula detangles your beach hair without that soggy “I-need-to-rinse-this-out-ASAP” feeling. And, to separate those tangles, use a wide-tooth comb and this Cricket Ultra Smooth Argan and Olive Oil Conditioning Comb especially will reduce frizz and soften your hair.