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Suit & Tie

The past few seasons, the menswear community has flung open its arms and warmly welcomed the suit into its embrace.

Sport coats are no longer limited to Wall Street, highfalutin country clubs with a dress code or formal weddings. Men are now wearing them on their days off to brunch and to the office (even if a suit is not mandated) atop the aforementioned occasions.

With the resurgence of the blazer’s presence in our day to day, the overall suit has adopted a more relaxed (still tapered but now with a casual air) persona. Colors, fabrics and prints have expanded far beyond the navy and grey, wool and herringbone and pinstripe parameters. Men are unafraid to break up their blazer and trousers, pairing their coat with rolled khakis or dark denim.

Blogger Denny Balmaceda of Look Right, Shop Cheap shows us how wearing a suit no longer needs to be such a big and formal to-do. The classic suit is pared down with a mixed-herringbone vest and clashing-but-matching sneakers. The Vince Camuto Men’s tie in blue is a nice accent to the Earth tone suit, keeping the overall look youthful. A serious suit loosens up with just the right amount of styling accents.