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In recent years, men have been more particular about their work wardrobe. Slim fitting suits, well-groomed hair and skinny ties complete with a tie bar have become the ever dapper norm in the office.

The same workplace clothing renaissance for women however has been a little slower to arrive. The rotation of pencil skirts, button-up blouses and sensible heels (all in a demure or neutral color, of course) has become stale and not even a jazzy bib necklace has made us excited about our work uniform in quite some time.

In response to this uninspired period of work dress, The Classy Cubicle blogger Mary Orton is set on revitalizing your 9-to5 look—not only to add spice to your corporate-friendly outfit but because, “Looking polished and professional will make a huge difference in your ability to be effective and taken seriously at the office.” The Classy Cubicle is a great source of style inspiration, even if your office is more laid-back in its dress code. Mary has keen eye and her outfits are a smart balance between classic office-friendly silhouettes like shift dresses and suiting refreshed in bold (not busy) prints and colors.

Mary is a firm believer in the adage, “Dress for the job you want, not the one you have” and if your office has Casual Fridays, she warns that it is not suddenly open season on mini-skirts and flip-flops. Low-key but still pulled together and well-thought out, we love the pre-weekend outfit she styled. Whenever you dress down at the office, be sure that everything is freshly cleaned and pressed. Even though she’s wearing a perfectly slouchy sweater, Mary’s neutral color palette keeps the outfit in the work appropriate zone and her magenta Vince Camuto Jace Shopper adds that needed splash of color.

Take a cue from Mary and add a little playfulness to your work wardrobe, “Since women aren’t restricted to a suit-and-tie uniform, we should revel in the opportunity to infuse some serious swank into our professional wardrobes.” Just because your cubicle walls are grey, doesn’t mean your work style needs to be drab too!