Sole Story

Double Take

Although everyone nationwide looks forward spring with eager anticipation, what qualifies as “springtime” weather differs greatly from city to city.

To demonstrate how two opposing climate regions usher in warmer weather, we recruited two of our college brand ambassadors, Alina from New York and Jacqueline from Georgia, to style the same Vince Camuto Transitional Quilted Jacket.

Hailing from Athens, Georgia, Jacqueline styles her jacket with lighter fabrics like cotton and textures like crochet to offset the quilted utilitarian jacket. Adding in these breezier fabrics—especially in a pastel color-- lightens up the overall look for the warm days and chilly nights in the south. Incorporating lightweight fabrics and bold colors can help blend your winter and spring wardrobe together, maximizing its style lifespan.

Living in Syracuse, New York, Alina’s springtime is far cooler than Jacqueline’s. Rather than give in to the chillier temps, Alina adds a splash of color layered under her quilted jacket. Bundled against the brisk outdoors, Alina infuses a healthy dose of spring with colorful basics like her coral red pants.

Whether is listing temperatures that swing from frigid to balmy in a 12-hour span or you’re enjoying a true spring, transitional dressing is a must, sprinkling in those springtime digs that you’re so excited to wear with practical winter layering pieces.



Alina's photographs are by Spencer Bodian Photography. Jacqueline's photographs are by Lauren Carnes Photography