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Quiz: What's Your Handbag Style?

A, B, or C? Answer these questions and reveal your handbag style personality!

1. Which wardrobe piece are you most excited to rock this season? a. Quilted leather bomber jacket. b. Flowy silk blouse. c. Midi dress. d. Printed pants.

2. If you needed to pick a type of shoe to wear everyday, what would it be? a. Your favorite animal print heels, because who can go a day without looking chic! b. Sneakers, because you’re always on a go and comfort is key! c. Versatile black patent Vince Camuto flats to be dressed up or down. d. Knee high leather boots to show off your fabulous legs!

3. Your favorite activity to do on your day off is: a. A spa day with your girlfriends. b. To cuddle up with a movie and popcorn in your pajamas c. To take a day trip out into the country with your golf clubs and tennis racquet. d. To primp and prepare for a big night out!

4. When decorating your apartment, you’re favorite addition is: a. The highest thread count sheets possible. b. Lots and lots of throw pillows. c. Your custom closet with the expanded shoe rack. d. Your mini wine fridge.

5. You’re heading out on a dinner date, and you insist on choosing: a. An upscale sushi restaurant. b. Is this even a question? That burger place with those amazing curly fries! c. Your local diner. d. That fun Mexican place with the live mariachi band.

6. It’s chilly out and you need to warm up, you grab: a. Your favorite faux fur vest. b. Your college hoodie. c. A classic button up cardigan. d. A hot pink blazer.

7. What is your perfect vacation? a. Sipping a glass of wine and lounging in the French Riviera. b. You’re all about one-stop fun: the latest and greatest cruise ship. c. Anything with adventure: hiking anyone? d. Club hopping the night away in Miami.


Mostly A’s - You’re a luxe satchel You’re a fabulous woman who loves the luxurious things in life. As always, you keep your standards high and enjoy the finer things offered to you. Just like the Vince Camuto Julia Satchel, you are structured and refined who’s also keen to detail.

Mostly B’s - You’re a laid back slouchy tote You were never one to stress about life. You start each day with a relaxed attitude and you are always open to all of possibilities. The durability and simplicity of the Vince Camuto Gavin tote best highlights your personality!

Mostly C’s - You’re a versatile and functional carry-all tote You are the girl who does it all. You love to carry the same bag to work that you can also bring to the bar, including a change of your favorite Vince Camuto flats. When in need of anything, your girls turn to you for help, just as you turn to your Vince Camuto Leila Two-Toned Tote in times of need.

Mostly D’s - You’re a fun and spontaneous clutch Your friends don’t need to ask where you are on a Friday night; you’re already slipping on your heels and heading to the club. There is no restaurant or party you haven’t conquered, and you always know how to strike up a conversation. The next time you head out on the town, don’t forget to stick your favorite lipstick into your Vince Camuto Onyx Clutch.


Doris Hu was born and raised in New York City where she is currently a senior at New York University. 

Amanda Pomerantz hails from Long Island, NY and currently lives in NYC where she is a senior at New York University.