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One of the Boys

From the tie-tying basics to the art of the pocket square, this group of menswear bloggers are our go-to reads.

Look Rich, Shop Cheap. Drawing from an array of inspiration, Denny Balmaceda of Look Rich, Shop Cheap’s style runs an equally wide range from urban edge to the dapper gentleman. Not one to shy away from printed socks or a smart fedora, Denny appeals to both fashion enthusiasts and novices alike. Living up to his blog’s name, Denny’s fluid style mixes high and low merchandise and he concludes his posts with a cost breakdown that often checks out well under $200.00.

Mr. Essentialist. Alexander Atkins’s blog Mr. Essentialist is a mix of street style, interviews with the in-crowd and delightfully unexpected sources of inspiration. His look is California cool with a European bent: unfussy but luxe overcoats; rocker-worthy accessories and caps; and quite possibly the most impressive eyewear collection ever amassed. Mr. Essentialist is an essential guide for tackling those intimidating trends like mirrored sunglasses and mastering the cool-guy basics like how to own the “man bun” hairdo.

Scout Sixteen. New Yorker Justin Livingston’s pared down jacket/button down/jeans/backpack style hinges all on the details. A smartly cut leather jacket, monk strap shoes and expertly cuffed khakis are trademarks of his understatedly cool look. Through his street style looks and outfit collages, Scout Sixteen is proof that menswear is best when it’s whittled down to its well-crafted core pieces.

Style Girlfriend. We are longtime fans of the adorable and endearing Megan Collins’s blog Style Girlfriend. Opening up the dialogue between the sexes on fashion and eschewing the dated notion that only women should care about beauty products, Megan answers men’s style and grooming inquiries from a women’s perspective. Candid and honest, Style Girlfriend schools men on hygiene, garment care and how to re-create iconic men’s outfits.

The Mod Man. Already parting the crowd with his shock of bleach blond hair, The Mod Man’s Danny Chung’s editorial street style is daring, yes, but comes so easily to him that we marvel at his bravado. The ease with which Danny can thrice wrap a scarf and don a turtleneck is capped off with his smart and cleverly funny writing, making him a blogger double-threat.

The Vanguardist. The most allusive of our favorite menswear bloggers, Gustavo (aka The Vanguardist) keeps all the attention on his fashion-forward-prep style by never featuring his face, turning away from the camera or cropping just below the chin. His off the cuff writing (posted in both English and Spanish) matches his easygoing style and naturally refined eye.