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The Highs & Lows

Decipher which heel height to wear for an expertly balanced springtime look.

Dress. The summer slip-on-and-be-done staple sundress looks best when toughened up with a statement sandal. The gladiator silhouette is back in a big way this season and, with its ancient warrior origins, balances out the sweetness of any summer frock.

Shorts. Unlike a mini-skirt which can look skimpy with heels, the sporty short is more forgiving when it comes to the range of heel heights you can pair them with. To make your legs look miles long, slip into a loose-fitting drawstring pair with a subdued neutral-colored heel.

Wide Leg Pants. So as not to be overwhelmed by the dramatic silhouette, wide leg pants demand high heels. Always tailor your wide leg pants while wearing the heels you are most likely to wear them with so that the hemline falls an inch off the ground. Skip chunky wedges and opt for a sleeker high-heeled sandal instead.

Skinny Leg Trousers. The go-to for skinny leg trousers is usually the always classic pump. While this timeless option will always look chic, try for an edgier cage bootie. Look for styles that dip slightly down along the ankle for the most figure-flattering line.