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Right as Rain

Spring rain can be that gently falling shower that lulls you back into sleep on a Saturday morning. Or it can be that deluge of water that completely wrecks havoc on your commute to the office.

The only way to face the varying April showers is to be prepared with an arsenal of rain coats. As you stock up on rain slickers and trenches, here are some key features to look for and consider depending on what type of rain you're up against.

Rainy Mix. Rain in the morning. Sun in the afternoon. Chilly throughout the day. Spring weather can throw a lot of climate curve balls your way. To be prepared for any weather, try a style with a mix of fabrics in a shorter length. Also, an adjustable belt is a major perk as you can tie it behind your back, allowing the jacket to remain open while maintaining its shape, for those unexpectedly warm days. Our current favorite for fickle spring weather is this Vince Camuto Mixed Media Jacket.

Drizzle. A sweet trickle of rain is the most charming springtime precipitation and calls for a classic coat to match. Although the most common trench silhouette, double-breasted styles can be intimidating to wear as they can give the illusion of a wider frame. Opt for style that have a softly folding lapel (like this Vince Camuto Tie Waist Trench Coat) instead folding straight across the chest. The subtle v-neck drop creates a more feminine silhouette.

True Rain. Steadily falling rain calls for smart fabrication. Avoid pure cotton fabrics which will not only absorb water but will wrinkle as they dry. To keep your coat looking fresh and crisp in these springtime rains, double-check that your polyester or cotton coat is treated to help rain wick off the otherwise water-absorbing fabric. We love this Vince Camuto Covered Placket Jacket which makes a dramatic fashion statement while still serving its protective purpose.

Downpour. Heavy rain calls for heavy duty rain gear. Slip on your rubber boots and grab your largest umbrella to brave the day. Before you go stomping through puddles though, upgrade your coat to one made of waterproof nylon like this Vince Camuto Long Nylon Jacket. A longer length coat is a must when it comes to keeping you dry during your commute so look for styles that fall on or just above the knee. Mid-calf lengths overwhelm most frames.