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It’s In the Bag

Every woman has that singular “goes-with-everything-holds-everything” handbag and usually said handbag is in a neutral color: black, brown or tan. With that said, spring is here and the accent colors seem to be growing restless as we see an influx of rich blue totes, sunny yellow cross bodies and colorful exotic skin clutches on the streets.

Now that it’s time to cast off (or at least store away for a little) our beloved go-to bag and welcome their colorful cousins into our wardrobes, we take a lesson from Vince Camuto college brand ambassadors Hannah Davis and Tammana Malhotra who show us how, when it comes to your accessories, a little bit of color can go a long way. Plus, where else would we go to learn about the importance of a splash of color than Miami where brilliant hues and tropical prints are de rigueur?

A vibrant handbag can be as practical as a neutral hued option. The key is to consider which color dominates your pre-existing wardrobe. If black is your go-to, consider a bag in a bold cobalt blue or, like Tamanna, a sweet pastel blue. For a closet that’s packed with brown and tan pieces, a bittersweet orange or red handbag is a perfect fit. When navy is the stand-out color in your repertoire, a warm yellow is an excellent complement. If a bold handbag alone is out of your comfort zone, take a cue from Hannah and opt for a warm berry or jewel-toned handbag. Hannah’s Vince Camuto Jace Shopper bag’s minimalist hardware makes it an easy substitute for your favorite black or brown bag but packs an extra punch with its unique color.

A bright bag should always be considered an integral part of your outfit which may differ from your approach of styling a neutral handbag. As you switch from your old standby to your eye-catching handbag, opt for neutral outfits that will let your handbag be the focus. Over time, experiment with unexpected color combinations like Tamanna’s bright yellow blazer and blue mint handbag. 

A common problem for women who love a colorful bag is how to match your shoes. Wearing nude heels or metallic sandals that match the hardware of the bag is a foolproof way of matching your splashy handbag. For jewelry, the girls explain, “We prefer lightweight, structural jewelry like the golden cuff” which adds some shine to their outfits without overwhelming them.

For the office or the weekend, a colorful handbag can be easily incorporated into your wardrobe and still make a wonderful splash!


Photography by Alexandria Chamelly, University of Miami.