Sole Story

Out of the Mix

Mixed prints is a term tossed about rather lightly to describe any look with a medley of prints—whether they deliberately clash or match—but is actually a rather difficult look to master.

There are three key formulas that ensure you pull off the look with aplomb: mixing a large print with a smaller, tighter print; working within the same or complementary color palette; and simplifying the rest of your outfit.

Mastering this trifecta of criteria, blogger Charlotte Bridgeman of Winston + Willow expertly styled together not two but three different prints: herringbone, houndstooth and a modified chevron. The herringbone (so fine it almost looks like a solid color) and the tighter, smaller chevron shape counters the over-sized houndstooth for a proportioned assortment of prints. Meanwhile, the reserved two-tone color palette makes these intentionally clashing prints work together, preventing the look from being a jarring collision of patterns. Finally, to anchor the outfit, Charlotte slipped on a pair of sleek VC Signature Evalina Booties whose minimal hardware keeps the focus on the prints.

Cross-referencing this list of mixed prints principles will ensure your look is on point and out of sight!