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All Things to All Men


With the growing prevalence of dapper and debonair male celebrities and affordable suiting, there is a menswear renaissance happening, motivating men to up their style game.

Eschewing nylon backpacks for sleek briefcases and forever tossing out square-toed shoes, there is a marked paradigm shift where caring about your appearance is not a vanity or an after-thought but a way to signal your sharp sense of style and greater lifestyle. If you’ve already nailed the menswear essential wardrobe, here are those crucial finishing touches to ensure you look and feel pulled together at all times.

A dopp kit. By now, most men have a very practical wheeling suitcase that can be hoisted into the overhead bin with ease. If, however, you are still traveling with your toiletries in a plastic shopping bag, it’s time to upgrade to a true dopp kit. Instead of wrestling your toothbrush out of a gallon-sized Ziplock baggie, pulling your toothpaste from a leather dopp kit will make you feel like a real globetrotter and not like vagabond.

A good cologne. Deodorant is still an everyday must for obvious reasons. Using your deodorant as a substitute for cologne is not acceptable. A subtle and masculine scent like the Vince Camuto Men’s Fragrance will give your morning regimen that final touch and your overall presence that crucial signature scent.

Shoe shine kit. Scuffs, scratches and weather stains. The city can be unforgivably rough on your shoes so it’s important to keep them looking fresh. There is nothing more disappointing than slipping on that perfectly fitted suit and then clomping about in loafers worn nearly through and cracked within an inch of their life. Not only should you own a shoe shine kit but you should make regular use out of it. Waterproof all your leather shoes and re-apply frequently.  Buff and polish your shoes before stowing them away so they’ll be prepped the next time you’re ready to wear them.

Key phone numbers. There are a few phone numbers that should be programmed into your iPhone, the number for a tailor, a barber and a cobbler. Once you find these people that will outfit you and groom you to perfection, foster these relationships with your regular patronage as they will become key players in your style arsenal.

A signature drink. James Bond’s martini, Don Draper’s old fashioned, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s gin rickey are signature drinks. A draft beer of “whatever’s on tap” is not a signature drink. Conjure up a mysteriously confident air with your own go-to cocktail order. (For a little inspiration, read the Refined Guy’s list of 15 classic cocktails.) Obviously this is not a grooming-must but it will make you feel pretty cool when you sidle up to the bar and order.