Sole Story

So Clutch

The petite clutch was once reserved only for evening affairs as their compact shape rendered them impractical for lugging around your everyday essentials.

Over time and trends, the clutch has evolved, expanded and been introduced to the daylight. Envelope, cross body and fold over clutches are now a regular part of the street style milieu. To wit, Vince Camuto’s college brand ambassador Olivia Kaminsky palled around Long Beach, California’s downtown area with her collection of Vince Camuto clutches.

When it comes to transitioning your clutch from night-to-day, over-sized clutches are the easiest to turn day-time friendly. Olivia’s Vince Camuto Jace clutch (left) is roomy enough to hold daytime essentials and the softer shape distinguishes from evening clutches which tend to be more rigid.

Like fabric, color can factor into the night-time bent of your bag. Black or gold sequins tend to skew more towards night-out look. When browsing styles, opt for a bright or metallic hue like Olivia’s Vince Camuto Kyla Clutch (below) in a deep cobalt as these vivid hues give your outfit a light hearted flair. 

Compact or traditionally shaped minaudiere clutches skew more towards the a dressy evening affair. A cross body or shoulder strap like this chain on the Vince Camuto Horn Clutch (right) adds a casual and sporty vibe to the otherwise evening-ready silhouette. If your clutch doesn’t have a strap, you can easily have one added to the inside of your bag either at the cobbler or check out this option on Etsy.

Introduce your clutch into the morning and afternoon hours for a new sartorial elegance!