Sole Story

Street Style

Australia-based blogger Charlotte Bridgeman of Winston & Willow hits the streets—Bourke Street, that is, Melbourne’s downtown shopping district—in a fresh, sport-chic ensemble, complete with her Vince Camuto Alex tote in tow.

From top to bottom this outfit is a sure head-turner. Charlotte playfully balances the angular Vince Camuto Alex tote with a breezy parker, billowy pants and relaxed tee. Color-wise, this outfit’s color palette is striking yet mellow. Pairing Kelly green with pale magenta and orange is an unexpectedly fashion-forward array of complementary colors (for those less art savvy this means colors that pose opposite each other on a color wheel, aka a color match made in heaven). Finally, dainty jewelry of uniform gold adds a cohesive dash of sparkle and shine without overshadowing the personality of the prominent pants and Alex tote.

Charlotte’s off-duty look has high-street style written all over it!