Sole Story

The Great Outdoors

During the week, Cosmopolitan’s Senior Fashion Editor and stylist Amri Kibbler resides and works in New York City but come the week’s end, Amri finds refuge from the bustling city at her quiet and soothing lake house.

This past weekend, Florida-native Amri surprised us when she announced she was heading upstate with her photographer husband Jason Kibbler and 1 ½ year old daughter Mari in tow for a weekend of ice fishing, “We were super excited because this weekend was the first time the lake has frozen solid since we bought the house last year. To prep for our weekend, we bought skates and all the ice fishing gear we could grab.”

What does one wear for the uncommon pastime of ice fishing? “I wore a Two by Vince Camuto leather jacket with knit sleeves, a Nation black long sleeve T, IRO wool pants, an ACNE hat, Maje scarf, and Vince Camuto’s tall black boots—great for snowy winter.”

In a cozy bundled and wilderness-chic outfit, Amri and her husband drilled holes for ice fishing (with Googled instructions in hand); pulled Mari around on a sled who urged Amri on by screaming, “Go! Go!”; and idled hours away skating and hiking in the woods. “It snowed on Saturday night so Sunday morning we woke up to a real frozen wonderland and did it all again.”