Meet Eliezer Infante of men’s style blog North of MAN

Eliezer Infante is certainly a Renaissance man.


The stylist, model and photographer is the brains behind menswear blog North of MAN. He’s also a highly sought-after creative consultant for brands and publishers, counting Timberland, Tiffany & Co., GQ Magazine and among his clients. Infante has even lends his sharp eye and design skills to the denim brand Triarchy.


And the guy really knows how to dress. Equally comfortable in a three-piece herringbone suit or a suede bomber jacket and tattered jeans, Infante’s innate flair for smart design is reflected in his careful attention to detail: trousers are always impeccably tailored, shirts are crisp and those carefully considered accessories (whether it’s pocket squares or signet rings) are on-point.


We caught up with Infante for his outlook on fashion, men’s blogging culture—and a few indispensible menswear style tips!


When did you start North of MAN?

About three years ago. The name North of MAN is founded on a few of my core values. I wanted to start a blog that represented where I was from, my background and my upbringing. It came from a desire to show the aspects of my life that inspired my style. Although a lot of my sartorial inspiration comes from the 1950s and 1960s, I was raised in uptown Manhattan and the Bronx—basically, north of Manhattan—where the street style influenced me too. I also wanted my blog to represent men’s progression in fashion, lifestyle and culture, thus North of MAN was born. 


Tell The Crest a bit about your readers.

My readers come from all different walks of life: doctors, lawyers, dancers, athletes and students, to name a few. The great thing about social media is the immediate connection [we all have] to the world. My fan base comes from different parts of the globe and I think it's amazing that I'm able to share North of MAN with that many people. 


How has the menswear blogging community changed since you started?

I believe the community has changed, in that so many men are now interested in blogging and the way bloggers are now perceived inside and outside of the industry. Some may think, as a blogger, we simply review the product and style it out or wear it to our liking. But it's a lot deeper than that. From choosing the right brand partnerships and building an authentic following to producing content from the ground up—from concept to execution—bloggers in general have to develop or utilize several skills to produce quality, personable work. I see the menswear community growing in the type of projects that are coming out of the works, such as brand collaboration. 


Style advice to your 18-year-old self?

Keep on trying it all! 


Do you have a real-life style icon?

I can't say I had a real-life style icon, but growing up, film was as real to me as stubbing my toe: I felt it. So when I watched Scarface, Paid in Full and Rebel Without a Cause, I studied those suits, the colorways, the jewelry, the simplicity, and that was certainly my introduction to “speaking” through clothing. 


What shoe or piece of clothing will you never throw away?

Everything in my closet is quite replaceable, except for the few custom suits and denim pieces I've personally had a hand in designing. I can find leather jackets, jeans and shoes everywhere, but pieces I get the chance to help create always mean the most. 


What’s the one thing a guy has to have in his wardrobe?

I'd love to say a navy suit for its versatility or the basic essentials—a white crew-neck tee and ready-to-break-in raw denim. But truly, whatever you need to wear to get YOUR job done is my idea of the one thing a man needs in his wardrobe. 


Describe the first hour of your day. 

Emails, emails and more emails. Then I do a run on all my social media accounts and go through the future work to be posted for that day, week and so on. I line my day up with projects. 




Favorite cocktail?

Manhattan, preferably with Woodford Reserve whiskey. 


Tie or bow tie? 



Baseball cap or beanie?

Baseball cap.


Barber or hair salon?

Barber, but now that my hair is much longer, potentially a salon soon.


Beard, gruff or clean-shaven?

Beard all day every day!


Backpack or messenger?



Why did you choose the Vince Camuto Bradbury Chelsea Boot?

I've only worn black Chelsea boots in the past and thought it was time to add a different colorway to spice up my spring wardrobe. I'll be able to pair these boots with other suits I have, and the brown suede lends nice tone and texture to casual looks, like a white tee and light denim. This boot will easily become one of my staple pieces for this season.