How to Wear Sneakers with a Suit

For such a casually cool sartorial statement, throwing on sneakers with a suit actually requires a fair bit of effort. But fear not! Follow these three rules and you’ll master this look du jour like a total fashion pro.


1. Trousers should be slim-fitting, tapered and fall without a break.

First things first: You need an impeccably tailored suit—especially when you’re working it with more streetwise kicks. Opt for fitted trousers that taper and fall straight to the ankle. Too-wide slacks or pants with a break can come off as sloppy and juvenile.


2. Choose dress sneakers, not trainers.

We know it’s an oxymoron but dress sneakers are a must. Put down your gym trainers—all that mesh, reflective paneling and the chunky rubber sole is too literal for this fashion-forward outfit. Think narrow and sleek: Try slip-ons or low-top sneakers, like the Vince Camuto Quincie Sneaker or Justen Sneaker.


3. Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.

It’s all about turning the sportswear stuffiness on its head to create a definitively laid-back look. Skip the over-serious pinstripes. Forget the matching vest (please). And consider even nixing your tie. Ditch the button-down shirt for a lightweight sweater or even a polo shirt. Now you’re styling!






Tell us: Will you be rocking suits with sneakers in spring? Leave your yay or nay answer in the comments section below.


Model: Dan Gonon