How to Apply Cologne


There are few things more punishing than riding an elevator with someone who went overboard with their cologne. That tear-inducing, suffocating smell pushes you into the farthest corner to gasp for fresh air.


On the opposite side of the aromatic spectrum… there is something so intoxicatingly sexy and masculine when a man dabs just the right amount of cologne. Those little wafts of—is that cedar and lavender?—musk beckon your date ever closer.


But how do you perfect that come-hither level of cologne application? We break it down for you in just three simple steps.



1. When to use it: Spritz your cologne on clean, dry skin; the prime time is immediately post-shower, once you’ve toweled off. Don’t apply cologne after you’re dressed. The fragrance is intended to mix with your natural body oils, so when it clings to your clothes instead, the fragrance’s notes are affected and can become overpowering.



2. Where to use it: Focus on your wrists and neck. It is often argued that the body heat exuding from these “pulse points” helps the fragrance to circulate. However, your wrists and neck are the areas of skin most frequently exposed to the air, allowing the scent to carry.



3. How to use it: Hold the spray nozzle three to six inches from your skin. (If you can see the fragrance dripping or pooling on your skin, you’re too close.) Spritz on your wrist and lightly press your wrists onto your neck. Alternatively, you can spray the cologne into the air and walk through the mist, leading with your chest.



Now you have your application process down, it’s time to find your signature “Oh-you-smell-so-good!” scent here.


From left (above): Actors Oliver Hudson, Derek Hough and Kendrick Sampson sample the Vince Camuto Men's fragrances.