Meet Justin Livingston of Scout Sixteen


“Is it that hard to make us look cool?”~ Jeff Bebe, “Almost Famous.”


Okay, Jeff Bebe was talking about his band’s rock n’ roll lifestyle. But the question applies as easily to your wardrobe. And the answer is yes and no.


The tough thing about looking cool? It’s not about cookie-cutter imitation.


Think about some of your recent copycat style experiments. In an attempt to nail hipster-prepster nonchalance, you mixed plaid button ups, straight-leg jeans and a leather moto. But the jacket left you feeling like a poser.


Then you grew a Bushwick bartender beard. And were crushed by your best friend’s crack about lumberjacks. And his offer to buy you a shave.


Next there was the head-to-toe “off-duty” outfit you pulled from the mannequin at the mall. Even your mom called the look boring.


You need some genuine style inspiration—a fashion mentor to guide you into cool guy territory. Enter Justin Livingston of Scout Sixteen.


The Mississippi-born menswear blogger is a master of the “Backwoods-meets-Brooklyn” look that you’ve been pining to replicate in your own wardrobe. What makes Justin’s style approachable, masculine, and cool is that each outfit is rooted in outdoorsy utility—a channel-quilted puffer, chambray shirt, slouchy beanie—mixed with menswear classicism—monk-strap shoes, chinos, chunky watches—and punctuated with a twist—a cheeky Lena Dunham tee and thrift-shop finds. Justin’s unpretentious style and boyish grin lure you out of your comfort zone, encouraging you to experiment with one or two style elements, like tight, winter-white trousers or blue suede shoes.


We checked in with Justin to learn about Scout Sixteen’s beginnings, the growing world of menswear bloggers, and his favorite whiskey—a sweet reminder that you’re not alone in the hunt for that perfect mix of dashing style and down-home substance.


When did you start your blog?

I started my blog in May 2012 after noticing my full-time job was feeling a lot less creative. I never ever expected it to grow and thrive as much as it has; it’s honestly been such a shocker! It became something I never knew I wanted to do. The name ‘Scout Sixteen’ was quite random, a combination of a childhood nickname (“Scout”) and my age when I first came to New York City.


Tell The Crest a bit about your readers.

My readers are an incredible group of like-minded creators. They’re style-conscious but not necessarily obsessed with fashion. They pursue interests in many different areas of popular culture, including music, art, travel and food.


Has the menswear blogging community changed since you started Scout Sixteen?

When I started Scout Sixteen, the ‘norm’ in menswear blogging was the dapper dandies and the guys sporting beautiful three-piece suits. There were only a small handful of guys attacking the casual menswear space. Now, I feel like there are so many talented guys and creative up-and-comers promoting casual menswear.


Who are your style icons?

There aren’t any specific people whose style I admire or replicate, but I’m so taken by stylish passersby on the street. I’ve always considered style an expression of your everyday personality; so when I see a guy on the street with incredibly confident style, I can’t help but want to replicate certain aspects of his wardrobe.


If a man needs to have one thing in his wardrobe, what is it?

A slim-cut pair of black denim – it has been an essential in my wardrobe since high school.


As a whiskey lover, what brand or cocktail is your go-to order?

My go-to order is a Bulleit Old-Fashioned, sweet with a kicker.


Which blogs or online magazines do you browse everyday?

My daily reads include Valet Mag, Fashion Beans and Design Milk.


Fast & Furious Fashion Quiz

Tie or bow tie?

Bow Tie


Baseball cap or beanie?

Baseball Cap


Barber or hair salon?



Beard, gruff or clean shaven?

Clean Shaven


Backpack or messenger?



Night out or in?

Night Out


Why did you choose the Vince Camuto Men’s Air Jacket?

I love being able to mix-and-match conventional styles in my wardrobe. I’ll often pair sweatpants with my favorite blazer, which happens to be my new Vince Camuto Air Jacket. I like that I can dress it up with beautiful suit pants or dress it down with my go-to blue jeans. Since it’s so slim, I can also easily carry my Air Jacket everywhere.