Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead: July


Independence Day – July 4th This July 4th, get ready to make your backyard party central this July 4th! Not only will you need ample burgers, potato salad and cold beer but be sure to stock up on hot dogs. According to TIME Magazine, Americans consume roughly 155 million hot dogs on Independence Day alone.

MoMA Nights – July 6th – July 27th Every Thursday in July, enjoy a free concert in the MoMa’s Sculpture Garden. This year acts include an all-women mix of up and comers and Indie favorites including Au Revoir Simone and Thao from The Get Down Stay Down. Seasonal snacks and cocktails are served as you take in the outdoor concert and the MoMA’s summer exhibitions. For more information on MoMa’s concert series, visit here.

Taste of Chicago – July 9th – July 13th Located inside Chicago’s Grant Park, the Taste of Chicago is a food festival to umpteenth degree with 66 different restaurants represented. Gourmands have the chance to sample a small bite or appetizer-sized portion from Chicago’s premier restaurants for a fraction of the usual menu prize. Lounge in Grant Park as you digest the good eats and watch performances by Janelle Monae and Emmylou Harris at the music shell.

FIFA World Cup Ends – July 13th Avid followers and soccer devotees will both love and lament July 13th when the FIFA World Cup must come to a close. Although the competing teams won’t be determined until July 9th, the final game is sure to be a thrilling match. Even if you’re not a soccer fan, you’ll want to tune in if only to not feel out of the loop come July 14th; it is estimated 715.1 million people (or 1/9th of the entire world population) will be tuning in.

Comic Con International: San Diego – July 24th – July 27th The San Diego Comic Con convention is the largest of its kind in the United States. Since its inception in 1970, Comic Con has grown to showcase not only comic books but their popular culture iterations (think the wildly popular X-Men and Batman movies), video games, animation, collectible card games and web comics. Although the convention may sound like a meeting place of exclusively comic book devotees, Comic Con has become a crucial part of the zeitgeist as comic book characters undergo a contemporary revival and renaissance at the box office.