StyleScope: August 2016

Aries What’s money between friends, Aries? When your sister asks for a little extra dough to make rent or your friend needs you to cover her share of a bridal shower gift, of course you’re more than willing to turn over the cash. It’s not just because they’re your people—you never know, the time may come when you need their help.


Taurus August is a watershed month for your relationship, Taurus. If yours is strong and stable, you should escape a screaming match fairly unscathed. But if your relationship swings from lovey-dovey nights to overly dramatic “I never want to see you again!” fights, we’re sorry to report that it may be time to break up—for real this (umpteenth) time. Single Bulls, meanwhile, will enjoy some wildly fun, flirty nights out with friends, breaking hearts and tearing up the dance floor.


Gemini Payday is a big deal for you, Gemini. Once that direct deposit hits, you’re throwing down your plastic at fancy restaurants and splurging on a new skirt because #YOLO. But as the month drags on, your double lattes downgrade to dollar cups from the street cart and you’re turning down dates in favor of saving. You need to find a way to break from this cycle and get a handle on your finances. Even one month of modest living will put your yo-yo spending into perspective—and bulk up your checking account.


Cancer Kitchen stocked with kale, coconut oil and almond butter: check. Daily morning jogs and post-dinner family walks around the block: check and check. You’re on a nice health kick, Cancer—and even better, you’re getting the whole crew on board! These new healthy habits are building stronger family bonds and having a glowing impact on your physique. Keep this positive momentum going!


Leo You’re like a school kid with a crush right now, Leo! Doodling his initials and gushing to friends about some “super cute!” thing he did—all signs of the first blissful throes of infatuation. And this googly-eyed phase isn’t just for singles; committed lions will also feel that giddy spark reignited. Enjoy this romantic phase and keep your rose-colored glasses on as long as possible!


Virgo Tense, Virgo? Work has you wound extra tight and you’re losing shut-eye, dreading that never-ending to-do list. Normally an hour-long massage purges the anxiety from your body, but that’s just not cutting it this month. Why not try practicing mindful meditation (psst, here’s a beginner’s guide to get you started). The quiet time will prove incredibly calming, improving your mood and mindset.


Libra So, maybe your job’s not as glamorous as you’d like it to be, Libra. At least it’s a steady paycheck, which is more than some people can hope for. Truth is, sometimes you just need a 9 to 5 that is fine—not exactly dream-fulfilling but not soul-crushing either. Moreover, job security and reasonable office hours allow you to explore hobbies that do inspire you, such as book club or volunteer work. Hey, be grateful you’re not on call or on deadline 24/7 and use your personal time to tap into what excites and invigorates you!


Scorpio Mixing business with pleasure is a dangerous game, Scorpio. Recruiting your graphic designer friend to help launch your blog is one thing—but getting too cozy with your hunky cubicle mate is entirely different. Your office flirtation may seem innocent enough, but don’t think Management hasn’t raised an eyebrow. Cool the coquettishness if you value your job. But if you really, truly believe this dalliance is the start of a profound relationship, let HR know before they hear it from the rumor mill.


Sagittarius Your career is on the up and up, Sagittarius! Thanks to your ingenuity and go-getter attitude, you’ve enjoyed a meteoric rise through the corporate ranks. Just remember to remain humble and not let your new title inflate your ego. And for any Sags already at the upper echelon of your field: consider enrolling in a continued studies program to keep your skills sharp. You may discover a new business opportunity…


Capricorn You are positively glowing with good vibes right now, Capricorn. Sure, it was a rough few weeks; work was so hectic that you were walking around in a permanent hunch pose, as if the stress was literally crushing you. But now you’re rolling back your shoulders and focusing on your physical and psychological wellbeing: eating whole foods, unplugging after work and breaking a sweat every day. The result? A happier and healthier you!


Aquarius What makes you so remarkable and successful, Aquarius, is your passionate attitude. You embrace pressure at work because it stimulates your ingenuity. It’s important to remember that not everyone has the same “Yes, we can!” optimism. If you feel as though someone in your department is giving off a meh attitude, don’t fault them and don’t take it personally. Curb your enthusiasm and wait for them to warm up to your level.


Pisces If you want to make the Fates laugh, make a plan. Pisces, you may have already mapped out your life’s milestones—kids by 35, CEO by 45, retired by 65—but abiding too strictly to your goals can be dangerous. Just because a good-on-paper S.O. or seemingly impressive job opportunity comes along at the “right” time, that doesn’t mean it’s the perfect fit for you. Break away from your rigid timeline and let the chips fall happily and naturally into place.