StyleScope: July 2016

Aries Hello, Earth to Aries? You’re acting like a zombie at work, eyes glazing over during morning meetings and jotting squiggles into your notepad to give the appearance that you’re paying attention. The reality is that your body is at the office but your mind is stuck at home—mulling over personal problems and dramas. Do yourself and your career a favor and take a personal day (it’s why they’re there!) to sort through your feelings in private.

Taurus True to your sign, you’re being quite bullheaded this month, Taurus. You’re holding firm to your side of any argument, however tedious or critical. If you catch yourself uttering either, “I’m sorry, but…” or “Let me play devil’s advocate here…” ask yourself whether this is really the battle you want to fight—more often than not, it’s not worth the energy. Keep the peace by being less combative. 

Gemini Nothing sends your heart rate into high gear quite like receiving a text from Mom that reads, “Non-emergency but please call.” Why does she need you to call? She knows you’re at work so it must be urgent! And of course, when you call it’s a totally mundane update about the family cat that did something “so funny” last week. Brace yourself for a month of these ups and downs and false alarms from family.

Cancer You’ve got that summer glow, Cancer! The vitamin D boost has you in a great mood and looking even better. The domino effect is that you’re radiating good vibes, attracting the attention of friends (and would-be suitors) and morphing into quite the social butterfly. Bask in the attention and live this summer to its fullest because this is your time!

Leo Do you want the good news or the bad news first, Leo? The bad news: Work is going to be very demanding for the first half of July. You’ll be struggling and hustling to hit deadlines so prepare to put in some overtime. The good news? Once you get through these rough few weeks, you’ll be rewarded with some serious R&R. Plan a vacation with the family or just veg on the couch in front of the AC all weekend—do whatever you need to do to recharge.

Virgo Work has been frustrating for you, Virgo. You are so passionate about your ideas, but you’re tangled up in all this corporate red tape that dampens your enthusiasm and momentum. We get it; you’re disheartened, disenchanted and perhaps disillusioned. But before you jump ship into a new position, take a long, hard look at the opportunity with a new company. It may be too good to be true…

Libra The sun is shining, the beach is beckoning. And you’re in the office kitchen eating a wilted salad. We know, it’s bleak. Your one saving grace is that you’re cooking up an inspiring little somethin’ somethin’ on the side! Whether it’s exploring a new hobby, learning how to code or maybe launching your own business, having that “just for me” pet project will keep your spirits way up!

Scorpio You’re feeling a familiar itch, Scorpio. The tug of wanderlust can’t be ignored any longer! Use up those frequent flyer miles and jet to a foreign land to immerse yourself in a totally new culture. If international travel is not in the cards (because money), explore your own backyard! Sign up for a sushi rolling class, check out a local street fair or make reservations at an exotic restaurant to satisfy that travel bug.

Sagittarius The unfortunate reality of socializing today, Sagittarius, is that people are, well, flakes. Yes, it’s incredibly annoying and inconvenient but it’s a fact of modern life. So don’t let it get you down the next time a guy ghosts on your first date or friends cancel brunch with a glib, “So sorry, don’t hate me!” text. The silver lining: It helps you suss out those truly good, loyal friends who won’t leave you hanging.

Capricorn Money, money, money, money… Monaayyyyy! Capricorn, you are rolling in it this month! A bonus at work or a fortuitous investment has helped to line your pockets. But think twice about going out and making it rain—that shower won’t last long. Instead, be smart and reinvest hard-earned cash into your savings. Just think how amazing it will feel to have extra dough to throw around when a surprise late-summer getaway opportunity pops up!

Aquarius Thing Everyone on the Planet Knows #657: Texting your ex is a terrible idea. They may come back, humbled that they’ve lost you and promise that this time is different. Nuh uh. Do not be fooled, Aquarius! Turn up the Tay Swift and repeat that mantra: “We are never, ever getting back together.” 

Pisces July is going to feel painfully long, Pisces. A tired family drama will have you locked into drawn-out phone calls with your mom, robotically sighing, “Okay. Okay. Yup. Uh-huh. Okay…” down the line. But wait, here’s something to get excited about! A possible new job offer will come into your life—not through the Want Ads, but rather, through an important business connection you made while hobnobbing at a friend’s summer bash. Don’t ignore it!