How to Make Time for Fitness

As a full-time blogger for My Style Vita, Jessica Camerata spends her days shooting street-style looks or home decor tutorials, meeting with brand collaborators and wrangling her inbox. That’s not all—in her role as cofounder of networking agency The Blog Societies, she works tirelessly to champion the careers of fellow South and Midwest bloggers. And she still finds the energy to join her girlfriends for margaritas at the end of the day!


Even with all that nonstop action, the girl makes it a point never to miss the gym. We were humbled to think that this busy blogger still prioritizes her fitness routine, so we picked her brain to learn just how she does it. Read on as Camerata shares her trick to squeezing gym time into her jam-packed schedule, as well as her favorite time-saving workout.


How do you make time to stay in shape when you’re so busy? 
You just have to learn what time of day works for you and stick to it. I used to be a post-work workout person, but now that my schedule is more flexible as a full-time influencer, it lets me put my workout in at an optimal time. Exercising in the late morning is ideal for me, in terms of getting the best workout and feeling most productive. Plus, the gym is dead at 10 am, so I get all the machines I want!


What’s your favorite fitness class?  
I really love Flywheel in Atlanta. I typically do my own workouts—weights, a little cardio—but when I need a class to get me drenched in sweat, Flywheel is it. The music is always upbeat and fun and I leave feeling like I knocked out a ton of calories.


You typically go from the gym to a meeting. What’s your secret to looking polished after a cardio session?
I keep face wipes in my gym bag to clean up my face, ward off potential zits and make me feel fresh quickly. And having a portable fragrance like the Vince Camuto Capri Perfume Rollerball is key.
With all that running around, a girl’s gotta eat! Where is good in Atlanta to grab a healthy bite? 
MetroFresh is hands down the most healthy and delicious restaurant here. It's hard to find healthy spots in this city—Southern cuisine is king so rich, heavy food is everywhere. My favorite thing is just a great salad, and they have tons of options as well as tasty soups.