DIY Scented Shoe Box Liners in 5 Easy Steps

It’s Sunday and you know what that means.


Time to mix up a Bloody Mary and roll up your sleeves with an easy “crafternoon” project. We think you’re going to love our current favorite: scented shoe box liners.


Made from colorful wrapping paper and spritzed with fragrance-infused water, these liners prettify your shoe boxes while freshening shoes and making your closet smell divine.


Best part: You pay mere pennies per liner and the project is done in 10 minutes flat.


Here’s what you need to get started:


Shoe box

Quality wrapping paper (glossy on one side)

Essential oil of your choice (we like C.O. Bigelow Lily of the Valley)

Travel-size (3-4 oz) spray bottle




1.     Roll out wrapping paper on a flat surface, patterned side down. Place shoe box on the paper and trace the base with your pencil.



2.     Cut out the liner shape, snipping just inside the pencil lines.



3.     Fill the bottle with water and add 3-6 drops of essential oil. The more oil you add, the heavier the scent will be. Screw the spray fixture on the bottle securely and shake.



4.     Very lightly mist the back, non-patterned side of the liner. Be careful not to soak the paper—a spritz or two will get the job done! Let paper dry thoroughly. If you like, you may lightly press the paper, using an iron turned to the lowest setting. Press the non-patterned side only.



5.     Place the liner in shoe box—done!


As a sweet side note, this project can also be used to create dresser drawer liners or cabinet paper. Instead of tracing the shoe box lid, measure the inside of the drawer and use a pencil and ruler to draw the drawer or shelf dimensions on the back of the wrapping paper. Follow the remaining steps as outlined above.


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