StyleScope: June 2016

Aries Reel it in, Aries. You’re dashing about, giving the appearance of productivity, but really you’re just scattered and unfocused. Important emails are getting lost in your inbox shuffle and you routinely flake on friends because you double-booked dinner plans. Remember: When you try to be everything to everyone, you end up actually disappointing more people than if you just said, “Sorry, I can’t…” in the first place. 


Taurus Geez, quit being so combative, Taurus. You’re twisting everything into an argument, squabbling over everything from the fastest carpool route to work to whose turn it is to unload the dishwasher. What’s worse, you can’t concede to being wrong, defending yourself with a half-hearted, “I’m sorry but…” Just apologize and put the bickering to rest.


Gemini Your career is on the rise, Gemini! After a strong start to the year, expect to receive a nice shout-out for a job well done from the higher-ups—which could draw the attention of some competitors trying to poach you. A tempting job offer (with a cushy salary increase) may even come your way, but before you sign on the dotted line, consider this: Are you excited by the job itself or just wooed by the dollar signs? 


Cancer The summery air has you feeling frisky, Cancer! Single Cancers will enjoy a string of fun dates—don’t be disappointed if there’s nothing serious this month; you’re enjoying the perks of flying solo. Coupled-up Cancers, meanwhile, will pass on the usual “Cooking for Two” recipes and bring back the romance and excitement of date night. Can you feel the love?


Leo Well, look at you, Leo. You’re cutting a fine(r) figure this month—must be those extra SoulCycle classes and dedicated egg-whites-and-wholewheat-toast breakfast routine. Your energy is off the charts and you’ve never felt better! While this positive momentum is great, don’t forget to reserve an “off” day every now and then. Going overboard with fitness will leave you injured and benched for the rest of the season.


Virgo Your date ghosted you. Again. We’re sorry, Virgo. A series of hopeful dates that abruptly and disappointingly end without explanation has left you bitter about love. But don’t lose heart! Be patient and your charms will draw a deserving special someone in soon enough. As for any Virgins in a relationship, don’t take your loved one for granted or they might poof! disappear too.


Libra June is a chance to campaign for yourself, Libra. Standing in the look-at-me spotlight may go against your humble ways—but pipe up already. Credit for your successful projects is constantly bring lavished on a less responsible but more vocal co-worker who has no qualms about self-promotion. Next time your boss wants to know who mocked up that winning presentation, don’t hesitate to proudly declare, “Me!” 


Scorpio Work, work, work, Scorpio. Nine to five, you’re laser-focused on a handful of important assignments. While you’re thrilled to be the team leader, it means you have to step up and be the first to deal with all the challenges that crop up. But keep your eyes on the prize and you’ll be rewarded handsomely for your efforts. In the meantime, keep working your way down that to-do list!


Sagittarius You’re in hot demand this month, Sagittarius. Your friends are pestering you to hang out and co-workers have been checking in all day, “You’re coming to happy hour, right?” Initially you’re wary of why so many people are vying for your time and company but have you stopped to consider that maybe you’re just plain fun?! 


Capricorn Rosé season is here, Capricorn! Your weekends are now spent going from boozy brunches to rooftop happy hours. Sure, it’s fun to party on weekends—but dragging yourself into work the next day with a bacon-egg-and-cheese in hand, not so much… Cut off the mimosas early on Sunday to save yourself a rough Monday.


Aquarius You’re a lean green machine, Aquarius. Eating right and breaking a sweat every day has boosted your physical and mental health. Another surprising side effect: your confidence has skyrocketed and you’re more brazen than usual. Embrace that bold new you and talk to that cutie across the bar!


Pisces June finds you juggling work and home life, Pisces. Your job’s hitting a summer lull but your family requires more attention than usual. Fortunately, you’re finding some smart solutions to strike a good balance: telecommuting to the office and scheduling all in-person meetings on one day of the week. Enjoy the work-from-home flexibility, but make sure you cut off business hours at 5PM to keep everything in check.