StyleScope: May 2016

Aries After rounds of interviews and nervously waiting to hear back from HR, your job hunt is finally winding down, Aries. And lucky you, there are several enticing offers on the table! A word of caution: Don’t submit your two weeks’ notice before the ink on your job offer dries…


Taurus Your pockets are lined with a little extra spending money this month, Taurus! Only instead of putting it into your rainy-day fund or splurging on a gift-to-self, you’re flashing that cash and treating your friends to an afternoon coffee here, a movie ticket there. But before you snatch another dinner check and declare, “I got this!” you should double-check your balance—those dollars may dwindle faster than you realize.


Gemini Your birthday is right around the corner, Gemini. However, unlike past years, you’re dreading it—not to mention the tolling of your biological clock in your ears. As the “special day” draws closer, you might be feeling anxious that you haven’t accomplished enough in your career or your family plan isn’t exactly going according to plan. Forget that noise; take on these life-changing milestones only as you feel ready for them and can happily embrace them—not just because this is where your life “should” be.


Cancer Time for a makeover, Cancer… wait, before you cry “shallow,” please hear us out. You’re blaming your hectic work schedule and busy home life on your disheveled appearance of late, essentially showing that you place your own wellbeing behind, well, everything else. But now it’s time for a trim, manicure, new summery sandals, the works! Just a little pampering could be the psychological lift that you (sorry) desperately need.


Leo It’s fair to say you’re close with family, Leo. You call your parents every Sunday and text with your sister all day long. But for some reason, this month your nearest and dearest are getting on your nerves! Suddenly you catch yourself bickering with your brother and snapping at your mom when she teases you about your love life. Cool it. Your frustration is misdirected, so get to the bottom of what’s really irritating you before you’re uninvited to the reunion barbecue.


Virgo Tax season ended last month, but it’s time to take a long, hard look at your finances, Virgo. Where is your money going, exactly—your savings account or straight down the drain? Cut back on the frivolous spending and you’ll be stunned at how much green stays in your pocket.


Libra Nothing rattles nerves quite like receiving an office memo that opens with the ominous but vague term, “corporate restructuring.” Don’t panic, Libra. Play your cards right and this shake-up could be in your favor! Tighten your presentations, speak up at meetings and start dressing for the job you want, not the one you have, to grab the attention of the higher-ups and prove you’re “management material.”


Scorpio What did they mean by that, Scorpio? From flirty texts to terse work emails, you are second-guessing everyone’s true intentions and questioning their “angle.” Frankly, you’re being a little paranoid. Not everyone has a self-serving ulterior motive. Keep up this intense criticism and you’re going to create problems that simply don’t exist.


Sagittarius The month of May finds you feeling quite anxious, Sagittarius. Work is wearing you out as you jockey for promotion. Until then, you’re tightening the belt on your household budget. As for your love life, well, we won’t go there but “it’s complicated,” as they say. This restlessness will ultimately get the best of you when you come down with a stress-induced cold. Do yourself a favor and confine yourself to bed rest. Your body and mind desperately need this break.


Capricorn You’re happy to loan your loved ones money when they need it, Capricorn, but protect yourself and your finances so that generosity isn’t taken advantage of. Before you hand over the dough to help your cousin open her Etsy store or invest in your brother-in-law’s tech start-up, draft up an official contract. Laying out the loan terms in black and white will keep financial and family affairs separate. It’s awkward but do your best to ignore the “but we’re family!” protestations and get it all in writing. Believe us, things will become way more awkward if you find yourself chasing them down for payback.


Aquarius Yawn. You’re groggy, your mind is foggy and you have zero energy. And yet when it comes time to hit the sack, you just can’t seem to catch any z’s. The key to getting some quality sleep? Change your past-noon routine, Aquarius. Cut out that afternoon pick-me-up coffee. Try exercising in the morning instead of the evening. And instead of making dinner the biggest meal of your day, load up on breakfast and lighten the menu gradually toward the night.


Pisces You’re a total catch, Pisces, so naturally you want someone who matches your awesomeness: a wildly good-looking but humble date who is smart but also funny and pulls a decent wage but isn’t a workaholic. Totally reasonable… right? We’re not saying you need to lower your expectations to meet The One, but it’s not right to hold people to unattainable standards. You’re setting them up for failure and yourself for disappointment if you’re inflexible. Think about what qualities are genuine deal breakers and what’s negligible.