StyleScope: April 2016

Aries When did you become so indecisive, Aries? You’re hemming and hawing over inconsequential choices (soup or salad? Hair up or down?) but try remedying your self-doubt with this unconventional therapy: spring cleaning. Crossing housework off your to-do list—and seeing your face in your mirror-shiny surfaces—will thrill you with an unexpected sense of accomplishment. Suddenly those needling decisions won’t feel so overwhelming, leaving space to tackle the bigger questions about what you need to be happy.


Taurus April is going to have a rocky start, Taurus. You’re burdened with distractions at work and home that interrupt your beloved routine: last-minute meetings, a software crash or a springtime cold that plagues the entire household. By mid-month, you’ve had it up to here with the daily chaos. Take a personal day to convalesce and get your affairs in order. Even if work is constantly throwing you curveballs, at least you’ll have a tidy home to comfort you at the end of a hectic day.


Gemini Hope you can keep a secret, Gemini, because everyone is divulging the intimate details of their love lives to you this month. At first being privy to this hush-hush juicy gossip—direct from the source, no less—may be titillating and fun as you dissect cryptic text messages and play advisor to your lovestruck BFFs. But this novelty will quickly wear thin when your bestie begins a hot and heavy love affair that you may not agree with. Voice your concerns but then leave it alone for them to decide how to proceed.


Cancer “What do you do for a living?” is your most dreaded, eye roll-inducing party conversation starter, Cancer. With so many other interests, you never let your job define you as a person. This month, however, it seems your 9-to-5 is becoming a frequent topic of conversation; you catch yourself droning on about the new copier or the state of the communal fridge. Take a break from the office and embark on a hike, finish that DIY home decor project or book your next international trip—anything to shake you out of this work-talk rut!


Leo This month you’re the first one in and the last one out, Leo. It’s the busy season so you’re spending more time at your desk than at home, brushing your teeth in the office bathroom and have seriously contemplated bringing a sleeping bag for those super-late nights. You’re practically a ghost to your family and partner. Send a cutesy text to remind loved ones you’re thinking of them and reserve at least one night a week for some quality time with your S.O.


Virgo Money is at the root of most family arguments, Virgo. So when a sudden windfall of cash hits your checking account (either from an unexpected bonus or a hefty tax return), it feels more like a curse than a blessing. You and your partner immediately disagree on how to spend the funds; they want a tropical vacation but you want to bankroll some much-needed home repairs. Nip this argument in the bud—find a wholly different investment plan together.


Libra You’re spending an awful lot of nights angrily sleeping on the couch, Libra. Time for some brutal honesty: You’re being quite unreasonable and are enjoying playing the victim. Stop setting your partner up for failure—passive aggressive behavior and reverse psychology do not work in relationships. How should they know that when you insist, “No, go hang out with your friends,” you actually want them to stay in with you and watch The People V. O.J. Simpson? Start being direct and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.


Scorpio Gesundheit, Scorpio! You cannot shake this nasty cold and no amount of ginger shots or Emergen-C seem to help. What would help? A day off. Work stress is wreaking havoc on your immune system. Help your body recover with at least 24 hours offline and in bed. Once you’re back up and running, fire up your fitness regimen again and clean up your diet so you aren’t susceptible to the next office bug.


Sagittarius Someone woke up on the right side of the bed, Sagittarius! The spring weather has perked up your spirits, putting you in a delightfully optimistic mood at work. Meanwhile those hours logged at the gym have you feeling confident and frisky. Your friendly smile, quick wit and playful banter will have suitors pursuing you. If you’re coupled up, though, be careful with this flirty behavior or risk ending up single by summer.   


Capricorn Admit it, Capricorn: Sometimes you can be a little rough around the edges. You’re a wonderful friend but it’s preceded by the clause, “once you get to know me…” Work on smoothing out those uncouth habits because your personal and professional relationships are crucial in helping you achieve anything this month. You don’t need to pile on sugary-sweet (but empty) compliments—after all, people do appreciate your honesty. And take it easy with the playful teasing at work; you may not realize how much your jokes about the odor of your coworker’s tuna salad may irk them. 


Aquarius Now is the time: Make it your April mantra, Aquarius. You’ve racked up plenty of excuses for delaying or avoiding projects: “I’ll start cooking more once I buy new kitchen appliances.” “I’ll start running again once it’s warmer outside.” “I’ll start looking for a new job once I really can’t handle my boss.” These weak excuses are tiresome and have left you at a standstill. Before you become totally complacent, seize the day! Work toward realizing these changes you so desperately want. Sometimes just taking the first step is the hardest part.


Pisces A fresh haircut, a relaxing facial and a glossy manicure… You look amazing, Pisces! While a spa day every now and then will definitely sharpen your appearance and boost your mood, there are everyday changes you can make to maintain that healthy glow. Eat plenty of greens, cut back on the salt and sugar and get that heart rate going at least 30 minutes a day. With these good habits in place, you’ll look radiant all month long.