StyleScope: March 2016

Aries Stiff upper lip, Aries. Work is going to be a struggle this month with lots of sophomoric gossiping and petty name-blaming when projects head south—but there’s an upside. You’ll be unduly scapegoated for a typo-laden presentation and, instead of pointing the finger at your co-worker, you’ll swallow the castigation with grace. This might make you feel like the new office doormat, but your remarkably composed reaction elicits quiet admiration from your colleagues. 


Taurus You’re going to want to swipe left on March, Taurus, because this is not your month for love. Whether you’re flying solo or partnered up, the romantic sparks are fizzling; expect long, uncomfortable conversation pauses during meals. Rather than obsess over your relationship status, channel that nervous energy into your fitness routine. It’ll be a welcome, endorphin-boosting distraction from your love woes.


Gemini Making friends as an adult is hard, Gemini. You’re awkwardly courting acquaintances in hopes it’ll turn into genuine friendship. But until then, you’re left wondering if asking them to Friday drinks on a Tuesday is too aggressive and agonizing over why they haven’t replied to that text you sent 10 minutes ago. This odd, hanger-on feeling will pass, we promise. By April, you’ll have a few more buddies in your inner circle.


Cancer Did you do something with your hair, Cancer? You look… different. This month even your loved ones will have a hard time pinning down just what it is about you: new eye cream? New bronzer? Did you get bangs? They’ll be surprised to learn that, no, you’re not on a skin-clearing juice cleanse. Your beauty secret is simply sleep. Forgo that afternoon coffee to get deeper ZZZs and reap the lovely (literally) benefits.


Leo On the surface you seem to be acting quite selfish, but your motives are the opposite, Leo. This month, you put work ahead of your family—but only so you can accrue more paid time off for a family vacation. You’re even skipping your usual date night so you can save money for that rainy-day fund. Thankfully, your loved ones understand this is all a temporary sacrifice for future gains. It’s not always easy to seemingly be the heavy but it’s worth it in the long run.


Virgo Another cup of coffee, Virgo? You have bags under your eyes and are shuffling about like a zombie. Fortunately you can get away with stifling yawns at the office because you’re shaking hands, closing deals and being a corporate mover and shaker from 5pm to 9am. Just remember to keep the after-hours entertaining professional and to always bring the good times back to business…


Libra Be honest, Libra: Is this person really your friend? Yes, you are in the same group chat, always like their Instagram posts and even went to their birthday drinks inconveniently held in the middle of the week. But are you really friends? Can you actually call up your party buddy and vent about work or cry about your ex—and vice versa? This month, reflect upon who really has your back and who seems more of a pal by proximity and convenience.


Scorpio Don’t get too comfortable, Scorpio. Just as you’re settling into a routine—at the office or at home—change is coming that will throw you for a loop. You may get moved into a new role or department at work. Or you may need to abruptly move before the lease is up. As daunting as the change may initially feel, it’s going to turn out for the best. Just keep an open mind and stay flexible.


Sagittarius Every time the ATM spits out your receipt, you groan, “Ugh! Where does all my money go?! If you’re being completely truthful, Sagittarius, you know where you could cut corners in your budget: last week’s “I-need-a-pick-me-up” lipstick, the two glasses of wine with dinner, and those tempting candy treats by the grocery store checkout. Curb any unnecessary expenses for now and you’ll watch your paycheck dollars go so much further.


Capricorn If you want anything done, you just have to do it yourself, Capricorn. As much as you want to trust others to follow through, from simply asking your S.O. to pick up milk to checking that your colleague has that report done by 4pm, sometimes people will disappoint you. The key here is to not become so guarded and pessimistic that you suddenly assume the responsibility for everything because you don’t trust anyone. Relinquish the tasks that are less time-sensitive and move the priority ones onto your to-do list.


Aquarius Whether you work in a corporate environment or are self-employed, business is booming and you’re in the middle of it all, Aquarius! You’re thriving during this busy and exciting time and feeding off all the creative energy zipping around you. Enjoy this period in your company’s growth—and enjoy that little bump in your paycheck, too!  


Pisces Spend the first half of March toiling away, Pisces: Log your OT hours at work and squirrel away extra cash. Why? Because after a mid-March lunar eclipse, there is going to be rapid-fire change and you’ll be needing the extra dough. Maybe you’ll start dating someone and, in turn, dining out more frequently? Maybe you’ll be ready to break out of your 9-to-5 and start working as a consultant? Or maybe that leaky faucet will prompt you to finally start renovating the kitchen? Anything could happen!