StyleScope: February 2016

Aries You are crushing it at work, Aries, leading productive meetings and delivering on every deadline. But before you go fantasizing about how you’ll decorate that new corner office, double-check you’re minding your manners. Is your sense of urgency coming across as impatient, brusque and ungrateful towards those helping you achieve your goals? Why not treat the overworked, underpaid intern to a coffee every now and then. After all, you catch more flies with honey…


Taurus You met someone and now you’re feeling all those early relationship butterflies! The one thing trampling your giddiness, Taurus? Mom’s clicking tongue. She manages to find fault in inconsequential details about your new partner, not to mention the whole family’s constant naysaying is negatively influencing your judgment about the seriousness of this relationship. Steal away with them for a weekend getaway—solo time means you can focus on what you like best about your new boo—and whether or not the peanut gallery’s criticism has any merit.


Gemini Chaaa-ching! Gemini, you are rolling in beaucoup bucks in early February, thanks to an unexpected pay raise or picking up some freelance work. Either way, you feel like a financial powerhouse. But you know you’re impulsive by nature, so resist the urge you to spend, spend, spend! Before you go for a shopping spree or pick up the tab at happy hour, stash some cash in a savings account or pay that looming credit card bill. Don’t worry, you’ll still have plenty of dough left over!


Cancer Maybe you should just bring a pillow and sleeping bag because you’re seemingly living at the office this month, Cancer. On the upside, All your coworkers are putting in overtime right alongside you, so you’ve grown close during this all-hands-on-deck crunch time. On the downside? A lack of social contact with the outside world means you’re suddenly making feeling “differently” toward colleagues you’d previously relegated to the Friend Zone. Before you start any funny business, ask yourself: Are these feelings real or are they just a misdirected result of fatigue and, frankly, romantic convenience?


Leo Pull out the dumbbells. Lace up those sneakers. Plug in the Vitamix. This is the month to get healthy, Leo. Your energy levels have been waning lately and it’s not just because of the short winter days—blame those grab-n-go breakfast sandwiches and too many hours sitting at your desk. But your biggest health misstep is not logging enough zzzzzs. If you can’t commit to regular gym sessions, at least try to get seven to nine hours of sleep in a cool, dark room every day. A good night’s rest will break the vicious low-energy sugar-high cycle caused by midafternoon carb cravings.


Virgo While everyone else is hibernating with Netflix, you’re a little party animal, Virgo. From drinks with coworkers to a special date night with your S.O., you’re flitting all about town. But even if you split the bill, all those bar tabs and taxi rides are going to add up fast. Instead of curbing the fun times, cut corners in other areas. Pack your lunch. Beeline it to the sales rack. And cook at home instead of ordering takeout on those rare nights in.


Libra Set up the easel and fluff up your beret, Libra. This month you’re adopting a tortured artiste persona. Creative juices are flowing—even if you don’t pick up a paintbrush, you’re reveling in the gallery and museum scene. However, your newfound artist idols are inspiring more than your art. Like Picasso and Van Gogh, you too are embroiled in a torrid love affair and you’re getting a little thrill from playing either the Casanova or the jilted lover. More than anything, these games of amorous cat-and-mouse are the result of you being dramatic. Just remember: It’s all fun and games until someone cuts off an ear.


Scorpio Yes, you drink green juices. You put on SPF every morning. You get in the recommended 30 minutes of aerobic activity daily. You are healthy… on paper at least. But what’s lacking from your healthy-living lifestyle is old-fashioned good times! When was the last time you did something fun and spontaneous? Or laughed until you cried? Or went on a date? Go out! Live! Laugh! Love!


Sagittarius The past few weeks, Sunday blues have been affecting you hard and by 5 o’clock, you’re sprinting home, clicking your heels with joy. Maybe it’s time to start brushing up your résumé because this Monday-to-Friday misery is unsustainable, Sagittarius. To jumpstart your job hunt, ask your professional network to keep you in mind for any job openings. Your colleagues and contacts are going to be crucial in pushing through your CV when the right position becomes available.


Capricorn It’s Tool Time, Capricorn. Hand over that hammer and pull out the Phillips head because you are going to be Ms. Fix-It this month. You’ll be busy sprucing up your home, crossing off those annoying chores you’ve been stalling on. Granted trips to Home Depot is not your ideal way to spend the weekend, but going the DIY approach is going to save you a pretty penny.


Aquarius That is one firm handshake, Aquarius. This month you’re oozing confidence on the professional and personal front. At the office, your calm-cool-and-collected poise has nabbed the attention of higher-ups who are singing your praises, saying, “How did we ever do without you?” As for your romantic life, your newfound cool is incredibly alluring, whether you’re in a long-term relationship or still enjoying the singles scene. Do not feel guilty for enjoying this added attention; you have the smarts to back it all up!


Pisces Be grateful that February is a short month, Pisces, because it’s a pretty uneventful time for you. Even though you enjoy your job, you’re pretty much coasting at work. While you may have the downtime for added responsibilities, you’re not all that interested in going above and beyond. On the home front, you’ve settled into a comfortable routine of dinner-and-a-movie-asleep-by-11.  This is all fine—for now. Shake off this humdrum outlook by March or else it’s going to be six more weeks of boredom.