StyleScope: 2016 Forecast


Take a look at the year ahead with your 2016 horoscope!


Capricorn Steady as she goes, Capricorn. This year is on a positive uptick, albeit a slow one. You’ll spend a good portion of the spring sussing out your “2016 Plan of Attack” and then systematically tackle your goals. First item to cross off the list? Patch things up with your family after last year’s Thanksgiving spat. Then you’ll boost your fitness routine in June, balance your household budget in July and spend August in a cozy-couple bubble. The very gradual changes will be hard for you to fully appreciate—you know, that whole “can’t see the forest for the trees…” proverb—but when you reflect upon the year at this time in 2017, you’ll think, “Wow, I did all that!?”



Aquarius The year starts out pretty hot and heavy, Aquarius. February in particular is a steamy month as you and your partner are practically glowing with happiness—nothing but lustful gazes and whispered I love yous. Things cool a bit in April and May when you incur a few too many expenses—those candlelit dinners and just-because gifts add up quickly. By July, though, you’ll hit your financial stride again and your relationship will be stronger after that bout of financial instability. One month to watch out for, however, is September when you just can’t quite seem to get out of your own way.



Pisces You’re a little lost and uninspired, Pisces. Refresh your headspace in March with some indulgent pampering, like a facial or a deep tissue massage. By May you’ll bounce back with even more vigor. To expend this excess energy, you’ll pack your social calendar and, without really trying, be the life of the party. Come August, a special someone will catch your eye but you’ll have to choose: Can you give up your beloved independence for a chance at a deep and meaningful relationship?



Aries Make your health a priority this year, Aries—not just physical wellbeing but your mental health too. To relieve mounting stress, get back into the gym routine that was thrown off course with the holiday season. After these sweat sessions, you’ll be in a much clearer mental state to tackle the challenges 2016 is certain to bring. One major date to watch out for: Valentine’s Day. February 14 is a romantic pitfall, so proceed with caution before you plot a grand romantic gesture, like filling your beloved’s office with roses. 



Taurus This too shall pass…” will be the theme of this year, meaning neither the bad nor the good times are going to last forever, Taurus. Tread carefully when making major lifestyle changes—like upgrading to a flashy sports car or renovating the kitchen—based upon short-lived shifts in your financial or professional status. At the start of the year, you’ll be the golden child of the office, with business flourishing. But come June, remember there is no “I” in team. You may be the main player but collaboration is key—not who gets the credit. In April (aka tax month), you’ll receive a surprise windfall. Tuck away the extra dollars into a rainy-day fund to avoid coupon-clipping by July!



Gemini Even after a spend-happy holiday season, your 2016 financial outlook is looking very bright, Gems. But before you rush out and slap down your plastic for something extravagant, heed this warning: Good fortune is not going to rain down upon you; you have to work on it. Educate yourself. What is the difference between a 401(k) and an IRA? Should you invest in the stock market or real estate? Think critically about how you spend and by September your bank account will have more deposits than withdrawals. The timing is especially good given that October will be a significant time for Geminis soon to be engaged or become new parents.



Cancer 2016 is on a bell curve for Cancers: After a bout of winter blues and unshakable fatigue, you’ll emerge from hibernation ready to take charge in the office in April. To keep your year on the up and up (and not the up and down), plan a vacation in August to keep all the good momentum from early summer going. Use that down time to rest and reset your priorities, which should put your family (not your career) at the top of the list. If you choose all work and no play, loved ones may give you the cold shoulder in November and December when work starts to demand all your attention.



Leo This is not the time to be wishy-washy, Leo, as this is a very decisive year. You will encounter a lot of forks in the road and the “right” path will not always be obvious. In April especially, you’ll have to choose between family and work, and the options get muddy. You’re staying late at the office to ensure you nab that holiday bonus in December so you can treat loved ones to a vacation—so why are they all mad at you? Communicate your goals to keep them from being disappointed when you’re absent from the dinner table yet again. Come September, a thrilling and flirtatious romance may test your loyalty to your partner. Do not succumb to temptation.



Virgo Career-wise lots of exciting things are ahead of you, Virgo. Expect a major deal to come to fruition and job-related travel to destinations further than the local convention center. You’ll get a thrill (and a nice promotion) from all the wheeling and dealing. By comparison, though, your love life will feel routine by June. It’s up to you to put the spice back into that Netflix-and-chill pattern. By October, your professional heyday, so to speak, will quieten. Take these slower months to recover your health—maybe actually keep that doctor’s appointment you’ve made and canceled five times since January.



Libra 2016 is a long span of “me time” for you, Libra. The first quarter of the year will be very work-focused and you will feel very satisfied and appreciated around the office. But come March, reflect deeply (either through meditation or maybe a long drive) upon what makes you happy—genuinely and truly happy. By July, just as your significant other is looking to grow closer, perhaps with a romantic getaway or meet-the-parents dinner, you put up emotional walls. Why the pushback? Only you know, but you can’t live in your own head forever. ’Fess up to what’s been on your mind so you can patch things up in August.



Scorpio January and February are a mess for you, Scorpio. You’re sniping at your spouse and the boss is giving you the stink eye when you get to your desk at 9:01am (“Work starts at 9am sharp, you know…”) But come April, you’ll be fed up with this negative attitude. Cue a ’90s makeover montage in which you request a transfer at work, start eating healthfully, buy a new dress and feel good about yourself. By the end of the year, your outlook is shiny. October especially stands out as a significant month for Scorpios.



Sagittarius  The first half of the year will find you befuddled and thinking, “Hmm… well, it worked before…” The old systems—whether it’s your fitness class, your wine-and-movie date nights, how you tackled projects at work—don’t seem to be as effective as they once were. You’re less spruce, less romantic and less impressive. Turn it all around in early 2016; be assertive to avoid a lackluster year. Try something that breaks you out of your comfort zone in May. You may be caught in some family squabbles in September but if you deal with it head on, you can avoid a major blowout over the holidays.