StyleScope: December 2015


Sagittarius  Do not curb your own happiness in favor of keeping up appearances, Sagittarius. You’ve been so concerned with fitting into the “Oh-no-that’s-not-how-polite-society-does-things” norm that you’re sacrificing your peace of mind. Blaze your own path! If stringing twinkle lights all over your lawn brings you holiday joy, do it and give zero hoots what the cluck-clucking neighbors think.



Capricorn You’re finishing this year strong, Capricorn! You landed that big account at work, finished painting the living room and can now proudly hold a yoga plank without feeling your arms quake. Ride out this wave of good vibes through to January 1. The future never looked so bright!



Aquarius Sometimes it’s okay to say, “I don’t know,” Aquarius. You’re a natural leader so it’s common for family and co-workers to immediately turn to you for guidance. But the pressure is wearing you down. Remember that these expectations to be the perfect, all-knowing leader are largely self-imposed. It’s perfectly acceptable to ask for help, a second opinion or simply not have all the answers. No one will love you any less for being human.



Pisces “But you didn’t hear it from me…” seems to be everyone’s catch phrase this month. As tempting as it may be to chime in with your own piece of juicy gossip, keep quiet, Pisces. The rumor mill is churning at full speed right now, but come January, the chatterboxes get a taste of their own medicine. That’s when you’ll be grateful you zipped your lips.



Aries “Join us!” “You’re invited!” “Come to happy hour!” Your inbox is flooded with party invites but you just cannot bring yourself to mix and mingle over canapés every night of the week. And that’s fine, Aries! Do not hesitate to RSVP “No” to your accountant’s ugly-holiday-sweater party. Instead make an effort to attend events of friends and family you genuinely want to see. However if/when you decline to show at any party, don’t spin an elaborate lie to get out of it. It will backfire big-time.



Taurus Bah-humbug! Yeesh, Taurus, when did you become a total Scrooge? You’re actively choosing to work late into the night and alienating yourself from all seasonal festivities. Close your laptop. Pour yourself some eggnog, and you know what? Splash a shot of brandy in there too. Take a break and enjoy some family time. Now, isn’t that so much better than toiling away alone at the office?



Gemini To you, December almost feels like a hurdle to the finish line, Gemini. You’re humming with that hopeful and excited feeling that comes with the prospect of a “new year, new you.” But tuck away your list of 2016 resolutions for now. Bask in the warm sentimentality of December—after all, it comes but once a year!



Cancer Iron your party duds and bust out the hostess gifts—this month you’ll say yes to the opening of an envelope, Cancer. December will fly by in a blur of champagne toasts, holiday cookies and lots of laughter. Plan ahead for party-hopping and stock up on Advil and Gatorade—you will feel it come morning.



Leo Alright Leo, that’s enough. Switch off Narcos. Cancel that pizza delivery. Put on some real pants. You’ve hibernated all fall but now it’s time to rejoin the world. It will be a struggle at first because your comfy, comfy bed is so hard to argue with. But we promise that once you’re out—enjoying witty banter with actual people instead of your cat—your cozy jammies won’t be so tempting.



Virgo Scarfing down lunch over your keyboard. Taking conference calls in your car en route to work. Answering emails until you fall asleep, still gripping your phone. You are on the verge of totally burning out, Virgo. Year’s end may be a busy time at the office but you need to pace yourself. Create little breaks throughout the day so it’s not all work, no play. A 5-minute solo dance party of one in your office will do you a world of good. Just don’t forget to close the door (or wear headphones if you’re cubicle-bound).



Libra You are Ms. Fix-It this month, Libra. You WD-40ed that squeaky door and finally replaced that broken ceiling bulb. Now that your chores to-do list is taken care of, it’s time to turn your attention to patching up the family squabbles that inevitably crop up this time of year. Listen patiently to your mom vent about how Aunt Susan is complicating the dinner menu now that she’s doing Paleo. Let your sister complain about how it’s “totally unfair” that your dad won’t let her go to that NYE party. Once they get these perceived injustices off their chest, they’ll realize how silly their complaints are. Wow, you’re such a great mediator!



Scorpio Put on another pot of coffee, Scorpio—it’s going to be a late night. Between working overtime at the office, hitting a string of holiday parties, and sneaking around on covert gift-wrapping missions while everyone’s in bed, you haven’t been getting much shut-eye. Catch some extra Zzzzs over the weekend and scale back on your after-work commitments. After a week of an earlier bedtime, you’ll bounce right back to your spirited self!