Fall Foodie: Five Treats to Make with Apples


One brisk fall day, you all piled into the car and roamed a nearby apple orchard. You gleefully picked your fill of Galas, Empires and Cortlands.


Since then you’ve crunched on an apple a day, but it’s now weeks later and there’s barely a dent in your bushel! Just what are you supposed to do with them?!


Easy! You are sitting on a goldmine of sweet, satisfying seasonal recipe potential, like these favorites…


Apple Grunt In this apple cobbler variation, chopped apples are stewed into an apple sauce consistency, then topped with biscuit dough and baked together. View this recipe




Apple Cake When you’re left with an odd assortment of apple varieties—a tart Granny Smith, a creamy Empire and a sweet Golden Delicious—bake up this cake, a delectable catchall for straggling apples. View this recipe



Apple Galette The French are the masters of sophisticated desserts, but this rustic apple galette (or tart) is refreshingly easy to make. It’s imperfect flat shape, flaky crust, and sweet apple filling endears it to all who try it. View this recipe 



Gluten-Free & Vegan Apple Crisp A comforting blend of hearty nuts, spicy cinnamon and tangy apples, this modified Crisp is as moreish as the traditional version. View this recipe



German Apple Pancake Unlike its griddle-cooked American counterpart, the traditional German Apple Pancake (also known as apfelpfannkuchen) is baked to caramelize its apple center. View this recipe