StyleScope: November 2015


Scorpio No one likes to talk about money, especially among friends, Scorpio. It’s uncomfortable to say the least. But after your buddy skimped on the check or forgot their wallet yet again and still hasn’t reimbursed you, you need to pipe up and say something. Next time you make happy-hour plans, nonchalantly ask, “Since I got drinks last week, can you grab this round?”



Sagittarius  Mark Black Friday on your calendar, Sagittarius. You’ve been saving your hard-earned dollars into what has now ballooned into an impressive rainy-day fund. Why blow all that cash on full-priced goods? Save your spending money until later in the month for the post-Thanksgiving Day sales and get more bang for your buck. Bonus: You’ll have cash left for holiday shopping.



Capricorn FOMO is real, Capricorn. But if you want to get ahead at work this November, you’d better get used to that familiar sting you feel while scrolling through Instagram Sunday mornings. It’s harsh: You’re burning the midnight oil while your friends are all out for Wine Wednesday. But if you can tough it out and focus on your career goals, you’ll ultimately be much happier with a cushier job or higher title. It will all be worth it come December when you work hard and play harder.



Aquarius Work is good and your home life is great. And yet you’re uneasy, Aquarius. Things are quiet—too quiet. You’re restless, yearning for something more. The challenge you face, though, is trying to put your finger on what exactly is lacking. While the going is good, this is an opportune time to explore some new and rewarding hobbies.



Pisces Wow. You scaled that corporate ladder in record time, Pisces. But remember as your title grows, so do your responsibilities. But that doesn’t mean you’re expected to personally do everything. When you’re alone fielding emails and creating PowerPoint presentations until the wee hours, it’s time to delegate assignments and lead your team members more effectively.



Aries Stop staring at the clock, Aries. You’re not sending the most professional signals to your boss—make no mistake, the powers that be have definitely noticed that, come quitting time, your coat is on and you are bolting to the elevators. This perceived lack of commitment might be the reason your résumé was passed over for that promotion. Double down your efforts to get in your boss’s good graces again and take on a few above-and-beyond assignments to show you’re serious.



Taurus As we turn the corner into holiday season, Taurus, you’re gearing up to be the hostess-with-the-mostest. Your humble home has become party central with family and friends dropping by unannounced. Normally it would irk you to constantly have a cheese platter and bottle of wine on hand for these impromptu happy hours, but this month you warmly greet company and are flattered to know your loved ones feel so comfortable in your space.



Gemini ou spent all summer getting buff so you could run around in a bikini, Gemini. But don’t let your fitness slip because it’s no longer beach season. Your exercise routine is about more than getting a six-pack; you are in better mental health when you can sweat out that work stress. As the weather turns harsh and your couch starts calling, don’t give in. Get up and move. Can’t bear being cooped up in the gym? Try a long hike through the fall foliage instead.



Cancer The temps are cooling but your romantic life is heating up, Cancer. Whether you’re happily swiping right or feel content in a committed relationship, love is in the air. Singles, stop playing coy and ask out your crush already! They’re keen to spend solo time with you too. Coupled-up Cancers need to reignite that first spark. Bust out of your Thai takeout and HBO Go rut and be spontaneous!



Leo This month you’ve got your mind on your money and your money on your mind, Leo. Even though your bank account is flush, corporate- and self-employed Leos will be eager for that well-deserved holiday bonus. But be warned: Don’t spend dollars you don’t yet have in your wallet.



Virgo Groan… Is that the morning alarm already?! You begrudgingly pull yourself out of bed and spend the rest of the day complaining. Your coffee’s too hot. The weather is too cold. Your computer is too slow. Virgo—you are in desperate need of an attitude adjustment! Try cleaning up your diet and carving out some time to unwind, whether it’s meditation, yoga or even an indulgent bubble bath. A little “me time” will soothe your mind and suddenly things won’t seem quite so bleak.



Libra Brace yourself for a harsh reality check, Libra. Not all friends are good friends. You chased down your gal pal for weeks to get together only to have her cancel last-minute with a glib, “I’m the worst. Can we reschedule? xx” message. You shouldn’t be putting in more than you’re getting out of a friendship. Maybe it’s time to quietly cut ties, reflect fondly upon your shared memories and direct your relationship-building efforts toward someone more deserving and loyal.