StyleScope: September 2015


Virgo Patience is a virtue, Virgo. You can’t expect to take the quick-and-easy route to reach your long-term goals. Whether it’s working your way into the corner office or shedding those last stubborn ten pounds, anything worth having takes time. As for your love life, the same slow-and-steady rules apply. Give that simmering romance time to really warm up and come to a rolling boil.



Libra You’re being quite dramatic lately, Libra. Storming out of rooms, slamming the phone receiver down… What’s next? Sweeping your arm over your desk and hurling papers to the floor? Calm down. These everyday frustrations should not elicit such an incensed reaction. Take a few deep breaths and do a reality check. Maybe a printer jam isn’t that big of a deal.



Scorpio Asking for help isn’t nagging, Scorpio. Stop trying to be the I-don’t-know-how-they-do-it Super Human—the one who can juggle life, love, the gym, and still bring homemade coffee cake into the office. You don’t want to burden people with your “problems” but asking your boyfriend/roommate/mom to pick up the dry cleaning doesn’t mean you’re a bother. People want to help you. You just need to ask.



Sagittarius  There’s no delicate way to put this, Sagittarius: You have to reel in your spending. Stop immediately recycling your credit card statement—open up that dispiriting envelope and carefully evaluate just where you spend your hard-earned dollars. Brown-bag it and swap pricey happy hour for coffee breaks until you’re no longer sweating bullets at the sight of your balance.



Capricorn “I’m so busy!” is practically your catchphrase. Well, guess what, Capricorn? Your friends are tired of hearing it. In your defense, you really are swamped at work with a few big-time projects loaded atop your growing everyday to-do list. But instead of trying to balance work and life, ’fess up. Admit that you’re consumed with this deal right now and your pals will ease up on the guilt-tripping.



Aquarius We’re sorry, Aquarius, but we need to discuss a loathsome topic of conversation: money. You shudder at the mere mention of bank statements. This skittishness stems from your uncertainty about which financial path you should take: Do you put money into a savings or checking account? Should you invest in the stock market? Before you haphazardly throw money at the bank or a financial advisor, educate yourself. Knowing the difference between a 401(k) and an IRA will temper your ambivalence and make you a savvier investor.



PiscesOmmm… Breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth, Pisces. Practicing meditation or yoga or reciting affirmations this month will improve your outlook. This newfound clarity keeps you remarkably calm, even when faced with the stressors (like a rough commute, a looming work deadline) that previously left your stomach in knots.



Aries It’s a phrase lectured ad nauseam: “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.” Before you roll your eyes, Aries, hear us out. This month you need to turn on the charm, friendly grins and warm handshakes to succeed at work. No need to go full-force with fake kindness, but practice the criticism sandwich technique: start with a compliment, then add critical feedback, and close with something upbeat. Present your opinion this way and difficult co-workers should respond favorably. 



Taurus It’s no surprise that the bull is your astrological sign, Taurus. September is going to be financially profitable—if you’re careful with that checkbook. Practice good money sense: Don’t spend your sales bonus before it’s in the bank; shell out more than your credit card minimum payment; and keep contributing to your rainy-day fund. These small contributions will yield significant rewards soon.



Gemini It kinda sucks to be on the receiving end of a “Don’t hate me, can’t meet for lunch! Sry!” text, huh, Gemini? Good news: Your unreliable (okay, if we’re being honest, flaky) friends are finally sticking to the game plan. As you gab over cocktails, tell your buds that it’s not cool being put on the backburner. They may not have realized how personally you took their constant rescheduling.



Cancer The first few weeks of September will whiz by in a beautiful whirl of confetti, champagne and close friends. You’ll party it up and stay out past your bedtime on a school night! But remember, Cancer, you cannot subsist on bubbly and savory morning-after brunches alone. Skipping meals to squeeze back into your jeans is not the way to atone for indulgent nights out. Stay in to unwind every now and then. Dusting off those dumbbells couldn’t hurt, either.



Leo It’s the weekend, Leo. Stop refreshing your inbox and skipping out on lunch dates in favor of shooting out a few more “urgent” emails. Work can wait until Monday. Close the laptop and spend time with friends and family who, frankly, miss you. Trust us, it may be hard to switch off from your 9-to-5, but if you spend the weekend reenergizing, you’ll come back to your desk with renewed vigor.