StyleScope: August 2015


Leo Count to eight, nine, ten. Breathe through your nose. Now is a good time to practice those meditation techniques, Leo. Your stubborn refusal to budge on your position even an inch—because you know you’re right—will cause friction between you and, well, pretty much everyone. This drama leads to nothing but tension headaches and hurt feelings. Cool down before pressing send and save yourself lots of grief.



Virgo Ugh. Over it,” is your August mantra: over your nothing-to-wear wardrobe, over the bumper-to-bumper traffic to work, and over your girlfriend’s tiresome ex drama. But take heart: After a month of the blahs, September will bring some much-needed excitement to shake you out of your slump. Until then, you’ll just have to roll with the punches. Sorry.



Libra Step down from the podium, Libra. Before you go toe-to-toe in any argument, you need to gather more information. Fact-check what you believe to be true. Cross-examine your quote-unquote reliable source, then formulate an opinion instead of implicitly trusting them. You’ll save face (and your breath) and bring the rumor mill to a screeching halt.



Scorpio Remember what your mother taught you, Scorpio: It’s rude to interrupt. This month, you’re too quick to complete other people’s sentences and leap to conclusions without letting them finish. Try biting your tongue and hearing out your co-worker’s pitch, your partner's weekend excursion suggestion, and your father’s long-winded story about the neighbor’s lawn. Once they've said their piece, they’ll be much more open to your opinion.



Sagittarius  Start setting up that out-of-office, Sagittarius. Now is the time for a proper vacation—and not like previous ones where you've spent half the time holed up in the hotel’s business center, feverishly answering work emails. No, this is a real holiday where you relax and unplug completely. Still anxious about being away from your desk? Log a few overtime hours before you jet off. Loop in your department, so they can put out any fires while you put your feet up.



Capricorn Ain’t nothin’ gonna break your stride, Capricorn. So what if your current love interest says they “need space” and your last report came back riddled with the boss' red ink? You’re still seeing the glass as half full. These seemingly negative setbacks are, in your mind, a chance for reflection and a deep consideration of how to grow from this experience.



Aquarius Your independent spirit needs to be a team player this month, Aquarius. Yes, maybe you can get more work done if you simply do it yourself. But the others will write you off as a brusque micro-manager—and may end up conspiring against you! Play nice, collaborate, and you (and the greater project) will be a winner.



Pisces All work and no play makes you a success, Pisces. This month, prioritize work hours over happy hours. It may be hard to turn down a dinner invitation or slip out of a party early for extra shuteye, but your career will benefit from these short-term sacrifices. Isn’t that promotion worth skipping that second margarita? Yeah, we thought so.



Aries When was the last time you called home, Aries? Pick up the phone and dial your family—or at the very least, shoot them a “what’s up?” text. Be forewarned: they will attempt to entrap you in their drama, tossing out complaints and whining about how so-and-so did this-and-that. Remain neutral and calm to maintain a good rapport.



Taurus Put down the credit card, Taurus. Your finances will be at the heart of your worries and spousal arguments this month. Before you play the blame game—“Well, did you really need a new putter?”—consider that your own, seemingly small “treat yo’self” purchases (like your daily venti triple whip iced latte) also add up. Don’t worry, you are not in dire straits. But a home-cooked dinner or night in wouldn’t hurt that checkbook.



Gemini One second, you’re laughing at a Buzzfeed round up of cat memes. The next, you’re getting misty-eyed listening to Ed Sheeran. Gemini, you’re an emotional mess. Why? You’re exhausted. Work is demanding and you haven’t said no to a night out in a month. Stop trying to have it all. Force yourself to leave work at 6 pm on the dot. Order in. It won't hurt you (or your reputation) to take a break for a moment.



Cancer Now, let’s not be too hasty, Cancer. You’re feeling a lot of external pressure to make a major decision now. Stop and think: Why is the landlord so eager for you to move in so quickly? Why does that new company want you to start before your two-week notice is up? What you're facing may seem like an exciting opportunity, but you need to see these demands are actually red flags. Wait it out just a little longer to decide if this is truly the right move for you.