Beat the Heat: 15 Tasty Ways to Cool Off


Sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia to scientists.

Brain freeze to the rest of us.

Ice cream headaches are worth the pain for the pleasure of eating something frosty on a steamy summer day. (For the record, to alleviate the pain, press your tongue against the roof of your mouth.)


We asked 15 of our favorite fashion and lifestyle bloggers to reveal the hot-weather treat for which they’d willingly suffer a brain freeze.


1. “If I'm being healthy I'll go for an iced tea—half green and half black. If I'm in the mood for something sweet, though, I'll have a Blue Raspberry ICEE!” —Brittany Hebb, Britt + Whit

2. “Ooh, I love an icy margarita and love to indulge in a classic ice cream cone on hot days! Chocolate and strawberry please!” — Whitney Powell, Britt + Whit

3. “When it's summer here in Australia, it's way too hot for a morning coffee, so I'm a big fan of a soy latte on ice to get the day started!” —Charlotte Bridgeman, Winston & Willow

4. “Definitely coffee-flavored ice cream. Jeni's [in Atlanta] makes my favorite, it's espresso with coffee grinds in it. Doesn't get much better than that!” —Jessica Camerata, My Style Vita

5. “I stay cool with a family favorite: champagne with a splash of pink lemonade!” — Caroline Curran, Perfect 10 SF

6. “I love snacking on acai berry bowls topped with fruit and shaved coconut.” — Sasha Exeter, So Sasha

7. “I love chocolate-covered frozen bananas! They are so good in the summertime. Or fresh peaches.” — Mara Ferreira, M Loves M

8. “A glass of Horchata, a typical Valencian drink, which you can have as a liquid or an iced slushy.” — Veronica Garcia, With or Without Shoes

9. “An Oreo cookie vanilla ice cream cone.” — Joo Kim, Love Joo Kim

10. “My favorite is a Starbucks iced green tea with two pumps of sweetener!” —Marissa Meade, Style Cusp

11. “I'm obsessed with lavender kombucha in the heat. I guzzle it down!” —Landon McGregor, Fashion Goggled

12. “Prosecco, and stracciatella ice cream. I love pistachio!” — Soraya Pena, Chic Flavours

13. “A snow cone. There's nothing like a little shaved ice and delicious fruity flavors to cool down on a hot day (and maybe even with a little spike!).” — Christine Petric, The View from 5’ 2”

14. “It would probably have to be some sort of margarita on the rocks. Peach and pomegranate are my jam!” — Lauren Price, Fashionably Lo

15. “My go-to drink for summer is an iced green tea. I usually brew it myself, at home, and grab it before leaving the house. I can't handle coffee, so tea is my only real option.” — Alexander Atkins, Mr. Essentialist

Now you tell us: What do you snack on to stay cool? Share your favorite summertime indulgence below!