StyleScope: July 2015


Cancer “Jinx!” seems to be your word-of-the-day all month long, Cancer. You are so tapped into your friends’ thoughts that you feel practically clairvoyant. Use your psychic powers to channel others’ deep-seated feelings; your girlfriend may wear a brave face, feigning that she’s totally over her ex, but you know she’s heartbroken. Wisk her away for a beach trip to take her mind off things.



Leo Are you living in a real-world rom-com, Leo? You’re spending more time with your “Friend Zone Only” buddy and slowly realizing that, just like in the movies, your dream date was right under your nose this whole time. Enjoy these smitten weeks and see just how high those sparks can fly.



Virgo A trip to The Container Store is in order, Virgo. Your bursting closet and Post-it covered desk are having a negative effect on your mental well-being. Both your mind and physical space are strewn with anxiety-inducing clutter. Organizing your apartment will be cathartic and help you sweep out the mental cobwebs, too.



Libra heers, Libra! A flurry of birthday, house-warming and happy-hour dates has you merrily clinking glasses Thursday through Sunday. The sudden invite influx has your head giddily spinning and quickly expanding your previously intimate social circle. But is all that fabulousness starting to take its toll? Before you RSVP “yes” to yet another rooftop party, take one night off for the sake of your professional appearance on Monday.



Scorpio Go bold or go home, Scorpio. Cautious may be your default setting, but now is the time to take a chance. You will not regret making a daring move right now—whether it’s something major, like putting in for that travel-centric promotion or minor, such as buying a dress in cherry-red instead of safe and expected black. Choose your risk level and don’t look back.



Sagittarius  Make this your monthly mantra, Sagittarius: Aim for the moon, because even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. Start planning for long-term goals, like that dream-home mortgage, and map out the shorter-term victories that will get you there: building good credit, squirreling away savings. Shifting your focus away from the here-and-now wins keeps you constantly striving toward long-haul gains.



Capricorn Independence is a double-edged sword, Capricorn. On one hand, you’re free to eat cereal for dinner without judgment. On the other hand, there is no one looking over your shoulder telling you to get off Facebook and write your report that’s due tomorrow. Revel in the freedom to “do you,” but keep yourself in check by tackling that needling, mundane to-do list before you put your feet up.



Aquarius Pump the brakes, Aquarius. You are ceaselessly buzzing about running errands, meeting for brunch and somehow squeezing a Soul Cycle class in-between. The constant go-go-going has your brain as restless as your body. Practice mediation in the evenings to quiet your reeling mind before bedtime.



Pisces Why is your friend being such a stick-in-the-mud, Pisces? She’s testy, snapping at you constantly and getting in a tizzy just because you suggested trying out that new Japanese vendomatic restaurant. But is that really her problem? Before you fire back, consider whether she’s lashing out because she’s upset by something bigger in her life. You may not be the offending party, but show your pal you forgive her misdirected anger by offering your shoulder to cry upon.



Aries Bask in a little “me” time, Aries. Go on a solo shopping excursion or switch off your iPhone for an unplugged trek in the park. Be mindful that while you might be loving your alone time, it’s unfair to tease friends with vague responses on your whereabouts. Don’t answer dinner offers with a blasé “Maybe. I’ll see how I feel…” Keep up this aloof attitude and the trickle of invitations may evaporate altogether.



Taurus You’ve always been a social butterfly, Taurus. But people are tripping over themselves to get close to you this month. Friends and acquaintances alike eagerly ask you if you’re free Sunday—and are crushed when you tell them you already have plans. This demand for your attention is definitely inflating your ego, if you’re being totally honest. Be careful not to flaunt your pumped-up sense of popularity. Go ahead and accept the invitation to join someone at their lake house, but be a gracious guest - not visiting royalty that expects to be pampered.



Gemini Yawn. Coffee. Work. Boring salad. Home. Trapped in an unremarkable routine, Gemini? Shake off that humdrum attitude and feel re-inspired. Watch a mind-bending indie film or catch an intriguing museum exhibit. Whatever your outlet for innovation, the slightest brush with creative energy will rejuvenate your spirits. What are you waiting for?