StyleScope: June 2015


Gemini This time last year, you added #YouKnowYou’reOldWhen to every mundane Tweet. Fast-forward to now, Gemini: you’re doing those same “old fogey” activities—cooking dinner at home, cleaning out the kitchen junk drawer, actually keeping your annual physical appointment—but you’re imbued with a sense of pride as your life feels more pulled together. You’re taking charge at home and work. These mature habits are enabling you to save up for an apartment upgrade or for that long anticipated trip abroad. Who is a fuddy-duddy now?



Cancer Switch your phone from silent to vibrate, Cancer. You’re about to receive a lot of frantic and upset calls from loved ones. Your brother’s commitment-phobe girlfriend called it quits. Your gal pal got a bad performance review at work. And your roommate is feuding with her affianced sister over bridesmaids’ dresses. The crying, crabbing and complaining will be tiresome, but your nearest and dearest will deeply appreciate having you on the other end of the line, occasionally murmuring an, “I’m sorry…”



Leo Don’t even bother unpacking your weekend bag, Leo. This summer (June in particular) you are constantly on the go: a weekend at the shore, a jaunt to a strawberry-picking farm or a mini-road trip for antiques. Granted, your bank account may take a hit with these excursions, so travel with friends to split the gas, groceries and diner checks. These memory-making outings are well worth the added expenses.



Virgo Weddings, birthday parties and graduation celebrations are dominating your social calendar this June, Virgo. While a disproportionate amount of your “rainy day fund” will be shelled out for Hallmark cards and gifts, don’t resent these obligatory affairs. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much fun you’ll have, how many relationships you’ll rekindle and new faces you’ll meet. Who knew your cousin had such a cool group of friends?



Libra As the weather heats up, so will tempers, Libra. Your boss is pestering you about a presentation due a month from now. Your significant other is sensitive over how much time you spend at the office. And your mom is demanding to know why you never call anymore. All this needling is likely to push anyone’s buttons. Cool off with a romantic, “unplugged” weekend—save for one quick convo with Mom to say hi. This staycation will perk you up and set you up for a productive Monday at the office.



Scorpio June stirs up some nostalgia for you, Scorpio. Out of nowhere, you’ll invite your old colleague out for coffee and Facebook message your high school BFF to congratulate him on his new baby. The spontaneous invitations will be well received as past friends will be flattered that you thought of them. You, meanwhile, will enjoy these walks down Memory Lane. Don’t be surprised when you both laugh over the same “Remember when…” moments and gush, “It’s like no time has passed at all!”



Sagittarius  Was it a left or a right onto Main Street? Is her name Karen or Sharon? Did you remember to turn off the TV? This month, you’re a little scrambled, Sagittarius. Fumbling over names and misplacing your keys is not your usual M.O., so these slip-ups make you feel frantic and crazed. Calm down. The reason you’re forgetting these inconsequential details is that you have too much going on to remember everything. Unload some errands onto your roommate and assign a co-worker some of your projects. Suddenly, you know just where you left those sunglasses!



Capricorn June has you feeling like a kid again, Capricorn! The sunny and hot weather makes you want to run through sprinklers and chase after the ice cream truck. Your childlike enthusiasm is contagious! Don’t be surprised when friends invite you over for s’mores around their backyard fire pit. Fortunately, these youthful activities are as inexpensive as they were when you were a kid, so those financial worries you had last month will quickly fade away.



Aquarius You are on a lucky streak, Aquarius! From the everyday victories—score, just making the bus before it pulled away—to major prizes—like the new tablet from the company raffle—you are winning left and right. Take advantage of this fortuitous month and enter that giveaway. Hey, you never know!



Pisces Just as you get your inbox to zero, a flurry of e-mails invades again. You cannot seem to get ahead, Pisces. Your workweeks are a blur as you hustle from your desk to meetings. Once you get home from a whirlwind day, it takes all of your last energy just to slip off your shoes before flopping onto the bed. Take solace that it’s just a busy time and this hustle and bustle soon shall pass.



Aries You cannot hide that grin, Aries! We see you over there, smiling to yourself as you listen to a voicemail from that awesome first date. Enjoy this time of giddiness and indulge in the thrill of feeling your phone hum with cutesy texts. The first half of your month will be spent daydreaming about your newest crush; but, from June 21st on, you’ll be preoccupied tending to a female relationship. Whether it’s your sister who needs advice or your mom who needs a helping hand, you’ll be the go-to for insight.



Taurus Alright, Taurus, put down the spoon and pint of Hagen Das. Maybe you got dumped, were overlooked for a promotion or are just down in the dumps after a drab winter; but you have wallowed in self-pity for too long. Shake off this dejected and morose attitude before it consumes any more of your precious time. Clear your mind with a yoga class or a long walk outside. Once you return home, deliciously fatigued from some brisk exercise, you’ll realize, “Hey, things aren’t so bad!”