StyleScope: May 2015


Taurus Hello? Taurus? You there? Your eyes will be glazing over this month as you daydream about that first date that went from an afternoon coffee all the way through dinner, where you chatted until the waiter was putting up the chairs for the night. It was a blissful evening indeed but proceed with caution. Your rose-colored glasses may be putting a too-sweet tinge on some harsh facts about your suitor.



Gemini Whoa there, Gemini! Lately you’ve been flying about, considering yourself so busy that the slightest delays to your agenda—like someone dialing into a conference call late or taking too long to order their latte at Starbucks—has you impatiently gritting your teeth. Sweat out that unhealthy attitude at the gym and let those endorphins make over your outlook.



Cancer Dine in or out? Cab or walk? Red or white? Stop hemming and hawing over mundane decisions, Cancer. You’re allowing minor details to distract you from making any tough and definitive calls on more serious matters like breaking your lease to jump on that new condo offer. Don’t procrastinate. It will only make big decisions even more daunting to face.



Leo You put in the overtime hours in April and now it’s time for you to reap the benefits, Leo. It may not have felt like it at the time, but the higher-ups noted your weekend e-mailing, the mornings when you were the first one in and the fastidious presentation revisions. Come May, put in for a personal day—your boss will be all too happy to reward you with a break. Take a long weekend with your family and stretch those desk-cramped legs. You deserve it!



Virgo You’re a little testy this month, Virgo. You’re bickering with your sister; and “What did you mean by that?” is always at the tip of your tongue, as if you’re picking fights with your significant other. May is a key time for you to unwind. Take a trip, go for a long drive or try out meditation. Whatever your method of de-stressing, do it now or else your mental state will take a physical toll later this month.



Libra Making friends isn’t easy as an adult. But, Libra, this May you’ll find yourself in the pleasant company of someone your intellectual equal. Though your relationship is strictly platonic, you feel as if you’re courting this newfound friend. Don’t worry; this acquaintance is as eager to build rapport as you are. Invite your new pal out to the soon-closing museum exhibit and enjoy some fresh company.”



Scorpio May’s motto should be #TreatYoSelf, Scorpio. Your bank account has some extra cushioning after you billed a few OT hours, so you earned a splurge or two this month. Spread this windfall around and take your mom out for a decadent Mother’s Day brunch. Seeing her so tickled will bring you more happiness than any dress on the sale rack ever could.



Sagittarius Although work seems to be humming along just fine, your love life is filled with trivial squabbles, Sagittarius. You may breathe a defeated sigh and chalk it up to your partner being nitpicky or invading your privacy. But, in your beloved’s defense, you have been distant and vague, provoking your partner to probe into your personal space. Be clearer about your whereabouts when you’re apart and you will save yourself a series of roundabout arguments protesting, “No, we’re just friends!



Capricorn A quick glance in the mirror shows the stress you’ve been under lately, Capricorn: under-eye bags, uneven skin, maybe even some fine lines. Work is overwhelming. Your relationship is on the rocks. And you have spent a few too many weekends on the couch avoiding the real world. Throw some cold water on your face and do something fun! Just one Saturday out of the house will do you wonders.



Aquarius Put the phone down, Aquarius. You have done a full social media sweep of your current crushes and developed outrageous and unfounded reasons for why you should stop seeing them. Why are you sabotaging your happiness by rooting around their past relationships? Let it go. Enjoy their company and appreciate them for who they are now, instead of judging them with assumptions you erroneously made.



Pisces You need to ease up this month, Pisces. Your critical feedback at work is productive but your direct and sharp tone has ruffled your co-workers’ feathers. To keep everyone from scattering from the break room when you enter, soften your approach. Serve your opinion as a “compliment sandwich”—a criticism wedged between two compliments—and everyone will feel satisfied.



Aries Whoa, someone is feeling their oats, Aries! You are pulsing with fresh energy and ready to burst into the summer season. Channel this vigor to benefit your friends who are still sloughing off their winter blahs. Plan a road trip for your circle. A weekend away from the usual grind will bring their spirits up to meet yours.