StyleScope: April 2015


Aries Alright Aries, it’s time to buckle down. Dig up those crumpled receipts at the bottom of your purse and start filing your business expenses. This is the time to get your finances and paper work in order—as you should already be doing given that April 15th is Tax Day. But, chin up Aries! Not everything is tedious, fill-in-the-blanks and check-the-boxes. Towards the end of the month, the Sun enters your sign and things will perk up!



Taurus Before you click Reply All on that catty e-mail from your office nemesis who spitefully cc’d your boss, cool off in your cubicle for a moment. Taurus, if you can keep the peace in the workplace this month, you will reap major benefits (think: a bump in your pay and first dibs on traveling to that coveted conference).



Gemini April is a key month for your relationships, Gemini. People you previously considered Facebook acquaintances at best are becoming your modern day pen pals. Alternatively, the circle you ran with in your party-hopping heyday is noticing your texts more frequently read, “Going to stay in tonight…” Don’t fret though! You’re not becoming boring; you’re just realizing what you need and want in your adult friendships.



Cancer Yawn… Normally, you’re comfortable with routine—morning Starbucks, lunch in the break room, gym in the evening, bed by 10PM. But this month, Cancer, you are desperate for something (anything!) to shake you out of what now feels like a rut. Fortunately, your professional life will kick up some excitement when you hear back from that job application you sent away months ago. Talk about unexpected!



Leo It has been a long winter and April finds you burnt out and pessimistic. But, Leo, it’s time to swap your yoga pants and Netflix marathon for a night out. Gather up your girls and indulge in getting ready—taking time to blow out your hair and try on three outfits. You just need a little jolt of fun to bring you back to your good ol’ self!



Virgo Brush up your LinkedIn profile, Virgo. Old colleagues and contacts made at that recent seminar are reaching out with ideas for start-ups and business ventures. Whether you’re satisfied at your current job or not, these are opportunities you should explore. Consider how these fresh ideas could sculpt your career goals or make you an even more valuable asset at your next job.



Libra Do not be surprised if April finds you tangled in a social web, Libra. A friend in your outer circle will spark some he said, she said, can you believe it?! drama with idle gossip. Your circle may prod you for your take on the brouhaha, but stay mum on the whole ordeal. Instead, focus on your work and use a late night at the office as your excuse for bowing out gracefully.



Scorpio Can’t anybody get any respect around here? It would seem like no. Your roommate leaves a stack of dishes in the sink. Your boss plops some grunt work into your lap. Your date asks if you can buy the movie tickets yet again. If you’re feeling totally steamrolled, Scorpio, it’s time to break free. Start looking for new digs and gigs, and dump that fiscally irresponsible lover now. You do not need them or their irreverence.



Sagittarius April is the time to start tackling that New Year’s resolution, Sagittarius. Fish out the gym membership card. Weed through your junk closet. Allocate some of your paycheck to your 401(k). Tackling these goals will rejuvenate you and make you feel unstoppable! Keep that momentum going and you’ll be crossing off items on your longstanding to-do list in no time.



Capricorn Your patience will be tested this month, Capricorn—especially when it comes to the office. You nailed the presentation and closed the new deal but what gives? You didn’t get any more recognition than a thumbs up from the head honcho. Just wait it all out. There may not be a ticker-tape parade in your honor, but your hard work will be noticed—and rewarded—soon enough.



Aquarius Stop sifting your credit card bill to the bottom of your mail pile, Aquarius. Yes, it’s a scary amount due but hiding from it only makes your financial situation worse. Bite the bullet, rip open that envelope and make a plan to get your bank statement in order. Start brown bagging your lunch. Pause your cable subscription. Brew coffee at home. And watch your bills shrink.



Pisces Your weekends are full of birthday parties and boozy brunch dates—which is fine by you. But, Pisces , before you commandeer the evening plans, curb your party planning. This month it’s best for you to go with the flow—even if you know that rooftop party is going to be a total dance marathon. Put in the time now and, come May, your friends will return the favor and happily tag along with you to that thumping nightclub.