StyleScope: March 2015


Pisces Your ruling planet Jupiter will bring a whirlwind of fortuitous change this March, Pisces. First off, you will have a little extra cash after an office shake-up that will lead to a pay raise and possibly a promotion. Meanwhile, your social calendar will be brimming with exciting plans: a girl’s night at the tapas hot spot, a languorous lunch with your sister, and a date at that happening new bistro.



Aries March is filled with good news and bad news, Aries. The good news? The first half of the month, you’ll be the office go-getter, nailing presentations and crushing your daily to-do list. However, that vigor wanes as March moves on. Your love life will get a little rocky as you and your significant other fail to see eye-to-eye. Be patient and listen, this spat will be over soon enough.



Taurus This month, Venus’s energy shifts from positive to negative leaving you, Taurus, to make some tough calls in your love life. After weeks of repeated misunderstandings—“That text was sarcastic! No, of course, I like your mother!”—you’re worn down and wondering if your relationship has run its course. Before you breakup though, try relieving a little stress by hitting the gym. Post-sweat session you’ll have a clearer mind to evaluate if, underneath it all, your S.O. is The One.



Gemini Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter are swirling with conflicting energies making March a month of surprises. A co-worker will unexpectedly step up and help you with an assignment previously refused. Your loyal friend will pick an unfair fight, sending shockwaves through your inner circle. Don’t let curveballs knock you off your game. Keep your head down, respond politely, and wait for the swirling planets to re-align.



Cancer March is humming along for you, Cancer. The chips are falling into place—and in your favor—without any real exertion on your part. Enjoy this breezy time and throw a get-together for your friends. Open up your guest list to include new acquaintances or office buddies. Don’t be shy to talk shop as you circulate the canapés, because those newbies want to support your professional goals.



Leo These dull winter days are all blurring together for you, Leo. But, before you break the monotony by impulsively snapping up a tropical vacation package you found on Gilt, change your perspective on the situation. Are things staid or stable? Don’t let your restlessness get the best of you. Instead, enjoy this peacefully quiet time and rest up for a busy spring.



Virgo You are unstoppable at work, Virgo! The positive feedback is leading to new and bigger projects. But, while your work life is in hyper-speed, pump the brakes on your personal life. Snap judgments and rushed catch-up sessions over coffee will cause a riff with friends who think you’re inattentive and dismissive. Curb any potential blow-ups by listening as long as they need you to.



Libra Look around, Libra. Are you alone out on that branch? You were expecting support from the co-workers and friends who have faithfully followed you for so long. But, this time, you’re flying solo on your risky career move or relocating to a new zip code. Don’t take their silence personally. They’ll come around eventually, but, in the meantime, have faith in yourself and your decisions.



Scorpio The first half of March finds you feeling lackluster, Scorpio. You’re missing your usual spark, dully going through the day-to-day motions. But, on March 20th, you take charge and shrug off this ennui. Around this time, speak up and volunteer to lead the team’s current initiatives. The challenge will reinvigorate your waning spirits. You’ll feel a deep sense of satisfaction to be busy again.



Sagittarius Make your March motto, “Slow and steady wins the race,” Sagittarius. After getting burned in a business matter, don’t rush into another contract out of spite; your rash dealings will not play out the way you hoped. Apply the same restraint to your relationships. Patiently wait for your loved ones to untangle their own affairs; interjecting yourself will fluster them and force them to make rash decisions.



Capricorn The planet Mars is throwing lots of positive energy your way, Capricorn. You’ll find a nice work/home balance and feel fulfilled by both. One caveat though: to maintain that peaceful home life, you need to think before you speak. An innocently misspoken word will ignite a full-blown argument with a housemate so mind what you say this month.



Aquarius Valentine’s Day may have passed, but March is proving to be a very romantic month for you, Aquarius. You and your lover are prepared to take your relationship to the next level like making your coupledom “official,” moving in together, or buying a joint pet. Take it slow though; a hurried decision will fast-forward your relationship more than you bargaine