StyleScope: February 2015


Aquarius Maybe you should upgrade your phone plan this month, Aquarius. When your co-worker’s project falls through or your sister has an argument with her boyfriend, they will turn to you for consolation and a listening ear. But keep your opinion to yourself. Let them vent to avoid making any messy situations worse.



Pisces This is a pivotal month in the office, Pisces, and you need to stay sharp. Skip a few happy hours—or, rather, the fuzzy, slow going mornings that follow—and you’ll have no problem keeping up with the work pace. Added bonus: your bank account will benefit from fewer cocktails and dinners out.



Aries February is a dud of a month, Aries. You feel so incredibly blah. Nothing stirs excitement or holds your interest. Monday through Friday you’re just going through the motions and, come Saturday, you’re hunkering down for a Netflix marathon. Break your boredom up with a spa day or boozey brunch. An indulgent treat will do you wonders right now.



Taurus Mark February 18th and the new Moon on your work calendar, Taurus. Schedule a meeting with your boss then and present your suggestions for a software upgrade or new filing system. Your helpful ideas will be well received after the 18th; but, if you bring it up before then, your boss may think you’re undermining their authority.



Gemini Blame Mars in retrograde for why everything seems to be pushing your buttons this month, Gemini. Minor occurrences like a terse e-mail or dirty dishes in the sink are enough to send you into a rage spiral. When you feel yourself about to snap, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and let the moment pass. Flutter your eyes open and you won’t even remember what made you so upset.



Cancer Throughout February, you will be Mr./Ms. Popularity. Your clever quips are charming everyone you encounter from the Starbucks barista to your Friday night date. Revel in this magnetism and a full social calendar—just be sure you don’t double book!



Leo Brace yourself for a bumpy February, Leo. Nothing is going your way: work’s piling up, your babysitter flakes last minute and the car’s Check Engine light is flashing. There is one ray of hope though: February 15th when Jupiter moves into your sign’s career home. Expect some positive attention from your boss and maybe even that overdue raise!



Virgo Stock your bar and pre-heat the oven for spinach puffs, Virgo. February finds you frequently hosting family and friends at your home. Your loved ones will revel in the warm hospitality. Be mindful to extend an invite to your family’s Black Sheep. They may not attend your cocktail party but will appreciate the invitation and feel included nonetheless.



Libra Work is pulling you in so many different directions, Libra. Your February calendar is loaded with creative meetings, presentations, and interviews. Don’t begrudge the overwhelming workload. Instead, you should feel very proud that management wants to include you in so many projects!



Scorpio Your new gym membership is yielding visible results, Scorpio. Your skinny jeans are zipping up a little easier and you are brimming with positive energy. The timing couldn’t be better; work is going to be pretty demanding and you’ll need that go-getter enthusiasm to tackle a growing to-do list.



Sagittarius Consider February your pre-season warm-up, Sagittarius. This is the time for you to reflect on 2014 and come up with a game plan for tackling 2015 goals. Pull out a pen and paper, set up shop at the kitchen table and really think, “What do I want?” Jot down your thoughts and rest up so you can hit the ground running come March!



Capricorn Proceed with caution, Capricorn. February is not the time for you to jump into the deep end—better to toe the waters with your ideas first. Before you push send on that work e-mail or give your honest opinion on your friend’s new beau, re-think your phrasing. You mean well but an ill-chosen word can lead to a major riff.