Get a Leg Up on Your New Year Resolutions


By the end of January, roughly half of all New Year resolutions are abandoned.


Come February, your running sneakers collect dust under your bed. Your savings account hovers at the same lowly three figures. You’re still logging in over 60 hours a week at work instead of clocking out to spend time with your family.


Why the dramatic failure rate when resolutions are made with the best and most optimistic of intentions? Because overly ambitious annual targets set you up more often for failure than success. You grow bored with the resolve. Change comes at a glacial pace. You’re unsure how to begin chipping away at this daunting goal. Within weeks, you’re overwhelmed and throw in the towel.


To get your resolution to stick, social scientists suggest a few tips. Map out smaller and more realistic goals that set you up to succeed: Minor lifestyle changes will be easier than dramatic instant overhauls. Share your resolution with a friend, parent, or partner—the more people aware of your ambitions, the more people to hold you accountable for your resolves.


Tangible items and actions can also strengthen your wavering will power. Jot your resolution in a journal. Change your computer background to a tropical beach. Tape your scary credit card statement to the fridge.


And you can take a cue from the editors of StyleBistro. Each editor picked a cool pair of shoes to serve as her daily resolution reminder. How does their footwear help them step out and up in 2015? Read on to find out.



StyleBistro Editors Shoe-In New Year Resolutions


Score that promotion. Cristina Velocci, Deputy Editor

Cristina aims to work her way up the StyleBistro masthead in 2015. She feels she deserves a new title to match her growing responsibilities. While Cristina puts in crucial face-time with clients, brands, and management her casual ensembles may be holding her back. “Because of the amount of running around I do—from coffee meetings with publicists to market appointments and after-work events—I normally default to flats which, while practical, have a tendency to dress down my looks,” admits Cristina. To take her career to the next tier, she needs to present herself as a strong representative ofStyleBistro, confident and composed. To begin dressing for the job she wants, Cristina chose to add the classic pointed-toe Kain pump to her work wardrobe. “These heels are not only comfortable enough to canvas many city blocks but they're also incredibly polished, so they'll encourage me to step up my office attire.”




Escape the apartment. Kristina Rudolfo, Associate Editor

Breaking away from a Netflix marathon can be a challenge for Kristina. Her 2015 goal is to get out of the house more often. To motivate her to gather her girlfriends for cocktails, scope out new music scenes, or take in the theatre, Kristina turned to the sexy and strappy Narrital heel. “What better way to inspire more outings than with statement shoes that need to be seen?” she asks. Valid point. Kristina can’t expect to remain plopped on her couch when tony heels like that are idling in her closet. These covetable party stilettos practically demand to be seen out and about, stepping up to a posh bar or leading the pack at a buzzing club.




Get fit. Katie Davidson, Associate Editor

Katie’s resolution is simple: get in shape. To jump-start her trips to the gym, Katie plans to toss out her ratty t-shirts and frayed cotton shorts in favor of cool gym clothes that let her hit the treadmill with style. "Even just putting on active wear makes me feel healthier and excited to take on a workout,” says Katie. A fan of the current athe-leisure trend, Katie plans to add sporty elements like a zip-up hoodie and slip-on sneaker to her wardrobe. Swapping her ballet flats for the Kate sneakers, Katie can comfortably walk further and longer—hopping off the train a stop early, parking further from the entrance, or tackling errands on foot. Those additional steps add up quickly!




Explore new cultures. Bethany Cantor, Style Editor

For her New Year’s Resolution, Bethany wants to broaden her worldview through travel: tasting exotic cuisines, learning foreign phrases, and wandering through unfamiliar city- and land-scapes. She needs a shoe that can keep up with her international adventures. A tough low-heeled bootie like the Tatumm is a smart option. The comfortable but resilient boot will let Bethany take in more of the culture on foot, wearing well as she strolls Prague’s cobbled streets or Santiago’s vineyards. Even better, Bethany notes that this moto-bootie will save space in her suitcase. “On a long trip, this versatile bootie can be paired with denim, skinny trousers, a flared skirt and even a flirty dress for contrast.”


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Special thank you to the GlamSquad for hair and makeup; Paramount Bar and Grill, featured in Kristina Rudolfo's photo; and Crunch Fitness, featured in Katie Davidson's photo.