StyleScope: January 2015


Aquarius You can kick your feet up, Aquarius, because January is going to be a smooth ride. With work humming along, you’re free to focus more on what makes you happy. Sign up for a new rock climbing class if you’re looking for a physical challenge. Plan a mid-winter trip if you are itching to travel. Or, if your flakey friend is bogging you down, start fazing them out of your calendar. You don’t need the negative energy in your life.



Pisces Where is your head at, Pisces? Your influential 12th house has you blissfully day dreaming about summer, that date that went perfectly, and how you’re going to spend a sudden flush of cash. But pull your head out of the clouds! Focus on what is happening in front of you—or else you’ll be blind-sided by problems that you should have seen from a mile away.



Aries After a holiday season of putting everyone else’s needs before yours, Aries, it’s time to start focusing on you. Strike out on your own and be just a little selfish. Not up for drinks with the girls this week? Take a rain check. You’re such a loyal and selfless friend—you’re permitted to bow out every now and then.



Taurus January is looking incredibly bright career-wise for you Taurus! Start eyeing that corner office on January 20 when the sun crosses into your 10th house. Log a few overtime hours and voice your ideas during the next conference meeting. Show you’re ready for the next step up—your boss will certainly take note!



Gemini This month is a little trying dear Gemini. Throughout the month, you’ll be bogged down with work. Then, towards the end of the month, you’ll incur some unexpected expenses—repairing a leaky faucet or replacing that laptop that finally gave out. If you’re in a relationship, be sensitive to your beloved’s packed work schedule. They are overwhelmed and stressed—and, while it may feel otherwise, they’re not intentionally neglecting you.



Cancer Valentine’s Day may be over a month away, Cancer, but January is looking hot and heavy for you! Half of the planets are moving through your 7th House of love. For singles this means a calendar bursting with dates—and a few extra penciled in too! For those attached, your and your date will be social butterflies, hitting up loads of parties and cocktail hours with friends.



Leo While New Year’s Day may kick off everyone else’s resolutions, the 20th is your day Leo! 2015 will find you in a romantic relationship and fostering lasting friendships beginning on the 20th. RSVP to all work conferences and seminars too, you’ll find your contacts list growing with smart connections. If you’re looking for a career change, wrap up interviews before the 20th when the planets move out of your 6th house of work power.



Virgo A subscriber to Self and a gym member, your health and fitness have always been important to you, Virgo. With the New Year, your efforts have doubled. Did your resolution call for running the marathon or trying out that new Fly Barre class? Whatever your new goals are, ease into this new physical routine—or else, you may find yourself limping about for weeks.



Libra Industrious Libra, you’ll be busy with a new endeavor throughout January when your personal solar cycle is waxing. Although this new project will require serious attention, don’t neglect your domestic life. Make time for a family dinner, even if it’s take out sushi. The little time you can carve out for your loved ones will make all the difference come February.



Scorpio January is a flurry of activities for you Scorpio. Your boss is expecting you to step up to a new challenge, throwing glowing support behind you. The career momentum is fantastic but clock out of work mode once you get home. Be conscious and present at the dinner table. Quiet the buzzing of work ideas in your mind and listen attentively to everyone’s daily re-cap. It will be challenging at first—striking a healthy work/life balance—but you’ll be much happier in the end.



Sagittarius Call up the spa, Sagittarius, you need a massage! Last month, work was a blur—you were glued to your inbox, jumping from meeting to meeting, and busy tying up loose ends before the holidays. Now that New Year’s has passed, you need a moment of quiet. Idle away a weekend wrapped up in your down comforter. Step aside, relax and let the cards fall into place.



Capricorn Trust your instincts this month Capricorn. Co-workers may pooh-pooh your original but risky venture. Ignore them and go with your gut—then remain humble when you get major props from the higher ups on the project’s success. Your bullish attitude at the office won’t translate to home though. Be sensitive towards your significant other, they’re going through a rough time and just need you to listen.